10 Tips for Buying Land - YouTube

If you're looking to buy land for personal reasons or you are looking into investing in land, you MUST watch this video! These 10 tips come from the real world of real estate; can save you from making huge mistakes and can help you negotiate better deals with land sellers. Don't buy land until you learn what is shared in this training.

Just Mintz

I watched it may 9th

Claire Custance

they should really just call this video "dolan twins arguing for 30 mins straight" and emma trying to be the voice of reason lol

Billie Eillish




Gaming Elvio Racielio

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The feeling of being worthless, rage, hurting myself by punching broken glass, doing stupid stunts, not being able to understand emotions or how to act in a social situation. I got used to it. Pain was my drive. I joined the Marines. If I died, I didn't care. I had an outlet. It didn't last. I did 12 years but I had problems with authority and alcohol.


OMG Faith in Saints Row?!? now THAT is an easter egg.

Our Founding Liars

Until they make reptilan section sonar, this is technology I can’t trust. Keep asking questions


How high is 20 feet?

Al o

Boorrinng. Give me Stadia.

Zenit 900

This is how panda was born

Ернур Кенес

I am sexy and I know it

Leroy Yeeted meat

Nicotine Patches. You still get the nicotine, but you don't get the smell, and aren't inhaling the smoke.


te copias de HUEVA

DJ Matney


ajrezy 01

For all you guys that are confused Because there are People like Who don't have the money or the ... let me say the believing to do it even knowing they could possibly Do what make live to living and Not work, But After knowing both sides. I Cameron to the conclusion that even if you are right there an People Who want live be living and not working or be wasted some People just can't Do it.So that's my opinion and i like and always have liked pressure that lives gives even if i didn't like IT at These Moments where i had confrontate it. IT is making

Mlg Ramen

my fav disney movie is " My neighbor totoro"

igor soares

niceeeeee guys for this video....


Very creative Rudy. I've got some ideas that you wanna see.

a person

Shaniah Disney


Gavin A

Not 1st


I almost cried when the theme started playing



Jared Massingill

Where in the game is 2:50 at?

J The Soup

When I'm feeling down you guys can help me get my back up

Alena Woodman

Mario theme songUp on the roof top Twinkle little starSay my name


*I LOVE THE WORD TAINT*😂😂😂 Oh Jen, you slay me!

Benedicto Deardo

Team Coby


Boi 😂👌👌👌💁


God, your videos are great


Pixar and pizza

Social Boy Karan

do firecrackerstricks

Cierrah Rice

Your a good friend

Grayllie Flores

Your on trending

jackal rippa

Great video man I've been subbed for a few years now and I like the different approach you've gone with here keep it up :D

Chris McDermott

More Star Bores ... thanks grEAdy.

Variety Squid

I freaking love panda

Tom Selleck

The editing makes it look wrong but why don't you watch the full scene idiots.

The Tall Pine

Was it because of this that France won the World Cup? I mean

Grace Arndt

I'm sorry I'm so sorry I lose someone to

christian decky