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Maimo Moline

3:50 XD

Anton Hansen

Coby and Cody?

NuggetJarble :3

𝕋𝕙𝕚𝕤 𝕚𝕤 𝕤𝕠 𝕤𝕒𝕕 :'𝕔

Dan Poole

My anishuls are d.p

kenneth lewis

The farthest a row shot wins $20,000

Levi Jones

my family was looking in the window

Trans Meme


An Easter egg I noticed:

johnny nguyen

Stadium goods really screwed him over. Those Fear of gods resale isn’t even close to that price.

1000 IQ

E 3 E 3E 3 LOL I love the e3 omg e3 lol

Williams Nilo

Where is metro 2033?


2019 anyone?

And my mom passed away 3 weeks ago

Victor Chong

The quest ruin has come in stormsong valley is the darkest dungeon reference


This is the best condom.

Elizabeth Tisson

At 3:24 she says she bought at new bikini but at 3:28 she says it’s a one piece???!?!


Lol pewds

Jeffrey Craven

No disrespect to Canadians as my Grandfather was born there and we moved down to America when he was older and married my Grandmother who he met in Michigan but why are y'all stating that Canada is better in the Winter Olympics when we had more trophies than y'all did and almost double what Sweden had...


This is the h3h3 music in the beggining

Mudit Khaitan

Who else in March 2018?

moon rose

i have depression....

snake yeet

What song plays from 0:18 to 0:35 , please this song sounds like an absolute bop

SuperArs YT

Recommendations 2019?


uh does he have a gun?

Mark Maclang




Andrew Krebs

I like how the pokedex at 4:00 says that ditto is ghost and fighting


Please read this!!!

Kaylee Morris

I’m eating goldfish

Just Ela

one like = 100000000 slaps for the pe teacher

Damarion Hill

I would have punched so hard his hairline and hands would have went to another universe

Subject Delta Δ

What about them dead body in the crew?

Jessica Santos

Wow I live like this everyday. 😞 never realized it was anxiety.

Gisele Drew

She’s not fat, she’s just buff