13 Year Old Girl Raps to Drake - 0 To 100

M.D.MEnt. PRESENTS-Diamond Barmer A.k.a (Deetranada)13 year Old Female Rapper out Of Baltimore , MD. This 13 year old has the skills, style , and lyrics to become something special. Her first video and many more to come!! look for her to take over your radios soon !! Look familiar Video ! me Introduce myself Video by Brianstream Media- Michael Smith For more music - Contact/Booking platinum.mdm@gmail.comTwitter @iam_mdm

Zephyr Weiss

try and find the video easter eggs XD only found 2

Jacob Bartlett

the ending killed me

Jarom Nieves

im watching 8 yrs later

M3tr0id 028

10/10 - guru


The limbo was awesome!

As sea levels rise the time in each tide cycle that can be used for draining the interior decreases.

Maddy Petruzzi

I cried while watching this. Just know that it wasn't your fault

Kacper S

I dont know why, But whenever I close the game (Im on the X360) then open it back up, even after completing the Intel Op side op, Kojima just dissapears. Is this suppossed to happen?

Malachi turner

You should do a face reveal with panda

Ethan Johnson

They are homophobics because lesbians Will be always virgins

Ugly Retard729

pause at 1:33 me during summer

EpicPlayer 226

Panda Ambush was the best

After a while, I started from crying everytime to actual violence and I still use it everytime someone insults me but it gets me into a lot of stress and they still dont stop..


I think Iron Man forgot to dust you along w/ Thanos and his army

E. B

Alvin:how do you feel

Bacon Thief

Another Easter egg I saw (or rather heard) watching the film in theaters was when she had the nightmare about her house (with the creepy dead rat thing) the music playing was from the Haunted Mansion, a ride at Disneyland.

keine Ahnung

Der letzte Song ist von Adrian grandam


i liked this video because i AM the person with longer legs :')


I so proud for you :)


do giant baseball tricks


What the fuck kind of movie is Sesevenen? (Se7en)

Just a normal guy


King Dedede main lol

Where the vlogs at

Pink Roses

The reminds me of a character from an anime I know because she has the same disorder wow

Fantasy Mind

I understand that story. It's relatable in a certain way.


rip off

Bryan Cordero

I've been here since the beginning how di yall already have 42 million

Xyle Retsu

This should be interesting..

Ryan Corpuz

Holy shit. This interview was like 3rd of 4th on YT trending. A non-Conor UFC interview vid on trending. We rlly out here boisssss. Champ Shit Only

I love how mad max is literally just a pipe in the ground on fire

Da Toastie

Only one word I can say about this


Do sleepover stereotypes pls!

Can't wait for vidd

issa mental disorder they ain't got a choice

Dj Stalling

It would be so cool if you made a GIANT pretzel

Fatima Tz

Future is scary

Braden Trende

Nice sweatshirt TY

-Corrupted Cosmonaut-

If things were realistic, the empire would have won the war.

Urmomgay Haha

If you like popsicles and like things that look like popsicles... you’ll definitely love popsicles


I'm in tearrrsss

Leroy Pohatu

You never know. It could be something big.

10000 subs for Pizza



Amazing video 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻


I got caught with my pants down without a back-up pancake... and it was the best weekend of my life!