25 Side Hustle ideas ✦ How to make money as a college/uni student ✦ Natasha Rose - YouTube

Hey my loves! Today, I'm making a "part 2" video about ways to make money - this time for uni/college students. I'm including a mix of passive income, and active income, as well as some ideas that are pretty out-of-the-box, so hopefully you get some inspiration! Let me know your best side hustle ideas in the comments :)...................................✦ Things I mentioned20 ways to make money as a teenager: your designs to Canva: drawing app I mentioned: Adobe Illustrator Design and sell tshirts with Bonfire: about investing: to grow succulents: haunted house video I showed: Mayhem: custom shoes tutorial: fundraising: Lets connect✧ Instagram Second Channel Personal Blog Study Blog For you✧ $55 airbnb credit $10 Uber credit for you and me Help make my videos accessible✧ Add Closed Captions Add subtitles in your language you, I appreciate you tremendously...................................✦ About Hey! I´m Tash and I make DIY and craft videos. I like the wilderness, chai, and plants absolutely everywhere. I hope my ideas inspire you to create a beautiful life. Share your recreations with me, by tagging @natashar0se on Instagram✦ FAQ✧ Camera - Canon Rebel t3i and G7x Mark I✧ Lens - Canon 50mm ✦ Business Enquiries:✦ Not sponsored

Felcie Paude



1:29 fun with guru written on the wall?!?!?!

Poptart kevin

They should do this for the Super Bowl


Does anyone want to do easter eggs with me? I did Mob of The Dead and Origins already but if you want I can help you get them done too! Add me on Xbox 360- GT: H3ROx CEO


You guys should do something with Filed Hockey!!

Muhammad Zamrud Adnan

Play bolling giant

Do you feel me

58 Q13

Cristiano Ronaldo should be in the next one

Omar Morante

I like people who help other people when there in a problem

Molly Bellingham

Why is Cody always Mr Excuses?


I'm only disappointed there wasn't a mention for the Galaxy Quest reference in one of the quests.

camila aguilera

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Guru don't forget we all

Jaime Sierra

Curry tried so hard not to be disrespectful towards lebron 🤣

Ray Hubbard

Mood swing me

Pizza cat

Where he wentHeaven BellyHospitalHomeThe hospitalWith dude perfect back to heaven

Oh naw.

Just put some tape on the court.

Remember democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts, and murders itself. There never was a democracy yet that did not commit suicide.

Pratham Games & more

Yo gar's rocket had blue flame

Cola king Master

Why do all the people look the same?

James Stevenson

San Diego Padres

la capoɴe

aimbotter wtf?

Rick Grimes

Swope is such an awesome last name!

Karen Acosta


Mary S

I know this is random but I just wanna say I really liked the variety of costume designs I thought they were so cool 👍

katieo perrine

My parents are Christians but if one of my other sibling were gay and they found out they would support them, i mean they wouldn't approve but they would still love them


I know where he is though.

Emanuel Guerrero

just………HOWWW CAN THEY AFFORD THIS!!!!!!!!!!!??????????

Homar Alexander

My two daddies


Came here expecting dinosarus. I was right :D


What does 100% quite bond rating mean?

Konori Miumizu

Why do the two of them look like Iida and Ochako from My hero academia


Fun fact: In the old shadow warrior that same girl can be found through a waterfall and in that one she shoots back. Anime girls can be real bitches sometimes.


I am confusion

Jackson Ross

Panda is the last cats name

Reem Shwan

I really don't get these videos

A rift in time!

Tudor 3007

It was really amazing

Phoebe Fan


kids: rush to door unlocking it

Alonso del Castillo

Still better QB than Tony Romo

Brodie Walker

I like the signature dunk the most

Jan Nowak

Będzie rozpierdol tibijski! ESSA!

I only watch Sub

German Gutierrez

@JackTheMelvin 76

lugifer akuma

i feel alone so lonely the thing is when i tried to be nice got hurten by so many so i got shot out i prefered to live alone yet i feel unwanted i m turning to someone i don't want to be mean a bad yet it's only way i can live in this environement where violence is everywhere