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Trainer o Dogg

I rate this channel MEGA DOPE!

Kadence Charles

If some nonce called me sexy I would be freaked out but if anything it would boost my ego tbh


He had no reason to even shove him, Kyle didn't even land on him.

Tyler Baron

They just have a random mig 21 laying on the ground

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Mad Neck

"Guess You Want Some Clout We Really Gon Make U Famous" 😈😏

Mark Compton



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Kevin Bakker

Never played red dead redemption. I guess it's a big game? Gta, and midnight club are very big to.


2019 ANYONE?!


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Erin Arnold

I'm the obnoxious laugher all the time

Princess Fantasy Star

This story is as accurate of a story as mine except for a few things: My boyfriend and I met on Amino, I was in college, yet I couldn't succeed in it (yet), and my parents are a completely different reaction.


But the cake is a lie!


New Yorkers will get terrified anytime they see an aerodynamic vehicle nearing a building

Noob: I will hurt you

Blue Face

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The Champions

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Nandini Ayanuru

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Girl:I didn't want to go to the hospital because there were no necklaces there.

Ryan Foster

Hey Guru will you do an Assassins Creed 4 Easter egg video? If there are any.


@oQUacKZo wind

Robot Radio Man

Better video than the other Easter egg videos.

P.S. Maybe some Postal 2 video in the future?

Aryan Koul

who has won most battles

Andrew Puzzle


Lotfi Mebarki

6:29 all that technology and then bam CALCULATOR

AlwaysSalty025 .02496

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Raven FormYT

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Chantelle Oreilly

the only thing im excited for in july is stranger things S3 And start of the summer holidays(UK)

1 hour later me: oh wait nvm that's not me because I don't play fortnite 😜

Grape Jam

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Eric Chan

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