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Santiago Sepulveda

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Abigail Huffman

Hair just keeps getting lighter


It’s confirmed Keanue Reeves is a vampire he hasn’t aged

Victor Scott

At 3:50 I thought it said the rapist not therapist

Julia Setiawati

Doraemon mana Doraemon, butuh alatnya gue

Lock Da House

why are all their stories about women?

caleb youtuber

i like garretts dunk on the end of the video

Skull Wolf

what game was the last one?

im_crazy0987654321 justin

You need a higher alcohol concentration

SunShine Senpai 可愛い

Hunter x hunter dub is good

Mr emolga

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jesus duke is talented...what software is he using for these videos? :)


He's not really high. He made it up in his head

Captain Beast

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2:53 looked like she was eating her arm

Kaushik Assagur

1:12 "My Bikini Bottom slippes off". Only Spongebob fans will understand😂😂😂


You're a legend doing this for all your fans <3


Pitfall 2 and H.E.R.O. =D

Icel Lopulalan

Pray to Africa and God to so Africa can do peace


Alan Smithee

Couldn't finish the video. All those cuts of rap music jammed between each clip was too jarring.

I believe it is actually WaLt DiSnEy CoMuNiCuTiNg tRoUgH tHe GoOfY gOoBeR

whalien 21st century

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Brian Lee

I'm south Korean BTW (actually fo real)


the road to heal is to not deny your act, acceptance is the key + balancing between your own needs.