Listen to ALL SMILES on SoundCloud: to BABUSHKA on SoundCloud: Guy 0:00Testing The Kid 0:45 Scarface 2:11wok. 4:22Herojuana Blunts 6:56Issues 9:10Bad Company (feat. 21 Savage) 12:25Walk (feat. Comethazine) 15:27Shittin' Me 18:29Cocky (feat. Gucci Mane) 19:48Mario Kart (feat. A$AP Ant) 22:45Nights Like This 24:55Bankroll (feat. BROCKHAMPTON) 27:15Potato Salad (feat. Tyler, The Creator) 29:55It's Over Now 33:08Sundress 34:35Doja Sweet (feat. Killa Kyleon) 37:43Sittin' On The Dock Of The Bay 41:36original art: IS OFFICIAL, THIS ALBUM DOESN'T EXIST, THESE ARE JUST SNIPPETS, LEAKED SONGS AND SONGS ROCKY IS FEATURED IN)

Bolbi's Meme Vain

Hey Guru i think i found you're little easter eggs in the vid hehe :D

Roy Greem

Excuse me there was absolutely no pepper, pepper, pepper? What kind of popsicles are those

Parag Yadav

Oh ! 8 years ago..

Jo T

Pk subban


Send a request to you on Steam already (:

Sam Hogan

We have the new world record for longest basketball shot.


im sorry, i love these guys videos but this one just sucks

Jackylaine Calva

This video made me discover how awesome Phantom Thread’s OST is omg

Windex Glass Cleaner

If Zeke can kick with a boot, then Zeke should be the Cowboys Kicker xD

Arsenio Fresquez

I have that same airplane

Small Gaming

Let it go

Reid Revell

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Lukha L

That was funny

¿Can i please Get one sub?

She only have one sweatshirt

Dr Nath

If a boy did this to me, he would be sooo dead! !

The Hamburglar

Go to playercard, dumbass

Carter Tuchscherer

What about the king aruthers sword? in the stone

سكت الحيات

tabieun ealaa alqunaat waetuni layk

Zoey Dominguez

I want to see!


GTFO You Died already :(

grab their hair and hit their faces 3× strong then yust give them a stared of death bam!!!

(Five minutes later)

Miriam Quinonez

Your banned from my house Drunk people

Mick ******

Thr Outback menu is not even close to anything you would typically see here in Australia.

Sharon Teague


Cassie Seabrook


Ok Lokey

Who's watching in 2017??

Bryson Pettit

well done after two years


sigh he says "kah-nto" not "can-to"

Neko Draw’s

This is kinda me but im very shy like reaaaaaly i think ...

gayani ginimaladewalage


I got YOUUUUUU in my sights.


world not ending is from the film "2012"

Okay before this starts I would just like to say only the fucking Dolan twins 😂

losa sakarosa

I’ve never related to a video so much before. Aliens: Like here


Good job

luki cone

Yo jsjs



Norris Nuts 5

This reminds me of when I went to Spain I went to aAmerican restaurant and the bill ended up really high! The reason is because the waitresses kept coming round every 5 minutes saying“Would you like some more fries?’“Would you like some more drinks?”


Bless your heart is your mom dead you will see her in the future

Expfighter ExpScout

Belmonte is the biggest DOUCHE in the game, crackle the cup!

Potato Boi

Adolf Died: 6 September 1978

dance guru

How about space

Maverick Studios

They forgot golf

ItsMigs 390


Alana Leff


Darkness Bruh

i love how all of the jokes has breif descriptions like one of the notes are not like the other but the last one he just goes all out and says gumball blows someone in the stall

Arnas Klevinskas