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OrcyThor 12

you missed rabbit in the tent

meme b o y s

Why tf does MLP have the best reference out of this whole video?


Its ain't the same one.

honey its your grandma whats a sub? ??

Hit or miss


Z z.



Tyler Langford


Julian Sanchez

Ty: He has a lot of potential Panda: "falls off a small tree"lol I was laughing for along time

Adrian Diaz

Omg how did u do that

Yasir Yasir ch

Who's not allergic to anything?

Alex Cho

#like2buy Chandler: becomes dumb

Luke Foster

And the ball goes into the dark abyss of balls

Pop out: I didn't say nothing


thumbs up for low budget helmet cam


cARdbOarDFur Draws

He’s a handsome little boi

Caddy ZA

But the second thing he said broke my heart altogether...

Victoria O

Hope this guy looks back at this video and knows that no one thinks this was a great and profound idea. And that we have judge him and he's an animal. Hope she's getting one

Sherry Lovely

hasta lavista,baybeeh

Somerandom Person

Oh come on... does the main protagonist really have to look like a 15 year old kid with a Justin Bieber face? He is a god damn Jedi Knight, give us a man with gravitas, not a baby-faced boy.

Goose Meat

I dont think this vidio is sponsored by Gatorade

Rose Hobbs

"No." Where my money? i should have tons.


Thank you for telling us your story you are an inspiration

Mamta Gupta

This is the first time I've ever cried 😭 by watching a animated video....... Will a pretty face make it better?

Sunglass Hut

If Kevin Love and Russ are two different heights, then why do they both look the same height when standing next to the guy with the white t shirt cause I know he's 6'6" And why does Carmelo look shorter than Lebron?

Jose Camacho

Yeah you Lost weight but you did not build

Randal Griffice

Sneaker shopping with Matt ox

Super Banana

This video came out exactly two years a go

Stuart Dooley


Charity Gage

Legit got tears in my eyes watching this... I hope it will be worth the hype, as I gave up on Halo after 3.

Maddy Palmquist

I don’t think properly dealt with this they made her explain in front of him that’s so embarrassing.. :(

Enzo Borges segala

curupira kkkk

that doesn't mean that I particularily like them.