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Don't You Ever Forget Me - EPiTunes: Play: video by Skooly performing Dirty Dawg "Insane". 2018 TRU

Enjoy Chess

Tic tac toa

Gia Pirozzi

You guys know that Christopher Columbus was actually a terrible person and he created slavery, toured people, lied, and many more things. He doesn't inspire me. BUT AWESOME VIDEO!!!

Litang Imperial

i think you should join the minute to win it haha

Jerokee Castro

@FunWithGuru you awsome dude keep up the good work I like you easter eggs man :D

Tee Gee

Idk how many times I'm say this but it's hard to still believe this man is gone 😭😢 RIP Naybahood NIP the GREAT 🙌🙏

Steve Wandersee

Love your vids

Harlem Globetrotters

Coby your my second favorite.Your awesome


Might now be a big Easter egg but if you type in "pacman google"  and click on the first link you get to play a Google version of PacMan.


The 4th coming of Christ is a couple days away and I thought I would celebrate by looking back at some of my favourite references and easter eggs from the series. I realised going back that Fallout has so many references, but not necessarily many great ones. It's weird that it's a series a lot of people associate with references but I barely managed to make a Top 10 that interested me. Not complaining, I enjoyed making this video and am looking forward to what's in store for us with Fallout 4. Thanks for watching guys!

Ingredi Da Silva Oliveira


Cata Macko

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Captain George

i like song

Hayden House


Liam Shellenberger

My dad used to be drunk but it wasnt to bad. He would know not to drive and he still had control over his body too. But there were rough times like he had a seizure once and he went missing for like idk 3 or 4 hours like police involed they said....well I cant really get into that stuff cuz my om could be reading this

Vache Ebralidze

What happens if tyler is picked who would be ned


Oml i get headaches all the time and there really bad im scared now

I was only 11 and they only allowed children who were at least 14 but I snuck in for him

Hanna Edwards

The little smile when she put the one with the touch of lavender on aw

Talon Bowens

I can relate to this. Every guy I ever met, has the whole "Let's have sex even though you don't want to" kind of mindset.