Alvin Kamara isn't changing his personality for anybody | GUARD DOWN

NFL running back Alvin Kamara links up with Andrew Hawkins and dives into a straightforward conversation about how Alvin embraces his unique personality, the support he gets from Sean Payton & the New Orleans Saints organization, and of course they touch on the controversial NFC Championship game. Check out why Alvin Kamara refuses to be anybody but himself and how he's been able to thrive as a young superstar in the NFL in the latest episode of GUARD DOWN, presented by Gillette. #GuardDownDon't miss the other three episodes when Hawk catches up with Todd Gurley, Lou Williams, and Deshaun Watson. Stay connected with UNINTERRUPTED at:to the UNINTERRUPTED newsletter here:

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My mother also died in 2011 when I was 9, and I know how the guilt can be. What i imagine is that there are multiverses, each with a different possibility for how things could have turned out, and that there is one somewhere where everything is the best. In some ways I just have to be in the more negative circumstance range to allow that beautiful one to exist, and it a way it helps me feel like the ways of my reality can make someone happy, can fix things, even if somewhere else.




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