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That pun at the end tho 😂


and he is still on one of the first quests...

Audrey Helton

this is what i expect all youtubers to do from now on. new standard for dogtubers

Yuet meng Boey

Don't worry atleast ur Grandfather doesn't have to suffer and can live a peaceful life with God and yes he is watching over you and it is not ur fault. Be strong,be cute and the most important thing be happy and ur live will get back on track!

Leah Watts

2019?? Nobody just me ok!! 😭


I wouldn't say she was "healthy" but nor was she unstable. She was abused and that's not her fault....

Nadia the potato head

I thought he was gonna propose by looking at the thumbnail

Blue The cat

Same happend to me. When my grandfather died i couldnt stop cry and after my brother and my parents walked out of my room i was in my bed crying and the day it happend my school was having fun aktivitets outside the school but i couldnt go my family had to go to grandmothers house... i still miss him but i am much better now. 😢😢😢

JBarton15 YT

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tunbi obayemi

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Kavita Singh

Hi I am Dhruv I am a big fan of dp and I code is cute while I love all your video I want you to make one more on football


Wow her first phone was an iphone and mine is just an old samsung phone😭

Twenze penguin

3:51 hahasahaahahahahahahahaahaha

░▀░▀░░░░░▒▒▀▄▄▒▀▒▒█░ Anymore? Let me know

van Gog

its fantastic!

Charlie Idevall gaming

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Mindo Potato


One like on the video 100 slaps for Matt

josé fernandes

Muito loco

The Chatty Blue Roost

And the inspiration for Light Balance LB was born

Elidan Barto

A lot of these things would be helpful in life

Me: (starts crying my heart out)

Geòrgia nicole

Marbles coming back to life 🤩🤩


Keep making these.

Lands like he did in thor ragnarok

The SpookyM8

U hav a good taste of music :)

I know times where I feel like fainting from all the pain and it really hurts, but it isn't like yours. I'm very sorry, I hope you get better.

Joshua McKeta


Donut Pancake

Hey Guru i love ur vids BTW could u make a nothr ons b😬😬😬==£×£""*"'!'*$£×

Eugin Jardine

I think arrow swish

Jac Sanchez / Slash Command Films

Ok, I'm just curious right now, will Raiden be the new main character, will the rest of the story hinge on Big Boss, or will it go to an unknown descendant of Solid Snake? Because we all saw that Solid Snake's Story ended in MGS4 and it left those questions on me

Nathaniel Phiathep

Who watched this in 2016

Lyric Plays Games

Omg The bully had a lot of accounts and dislike this vid image :o

Tyler Standeven

I wonder if they have enough “on the first try” footage in their archive to make a compilation. That’d be awesome

English (Auto Translation): Can you make me vomit?

jonathan sauceda

So this is how they get it cleaned