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GediegeneBanane :D

Black widow looks like a man...

Hunny Sharma

Tyler why are your nose is red

Evan Wilson

Coby won’t ever win a battle except for sumo wrestling


Ayye Toby Mac!!!

Blake Dugan




Brad Martin



this kind of thing happened in other countries, people wont scare like americans

Threelly AI

Bernie Pastoral

OK this is like 3 years ago and I just watched this like earlierAnd this was very very sweet of them for a kid who has illness in his body and dreams to film with you guys. I think he deserves it since he can't walk or stand. I have very big respect on dude perfect since its very sweet them to do this for this kid

Synex Gaming



Not "very" similar to altair's outfit

vijaya lakshmi Mandapu


Spill_the_tea Sis

To the U.K... :P

Fuegos 721

I love DP!!

Caleb Fehr


Imtiaz Ahmed

Ure making fun of him lolllll

Kenzie M

Tyler’s first fail ever!


Well, a quick google to the fan-made wiki confirms this. Jamie Ayre doesn't even specify the N64 game.

JamesYt Unstopabble

My high score is 6,382



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Strawberries and Stuff

These are good quality. You deserve more subscribers.


Wait.. this dude used diturgent to clean himself?

E Dog

Love this video for your next video you should do a roblox video

Karen Jimenez

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Star Wars productions

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I hate Tyler because why he always wins




Tommy The hospital fish

I found the bio shock infinite one and when I turned around and saw him I shot all my bullets although I was trying to not kill anyone thinking there would be a secret ending

We can make it through the snow

миша колпин

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David Creekmore


AlexaPlayz :3

Omg that ex husband of yours is such a bish

Karolin Kiehl

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konken san

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Wait isnt there a black box in the helicopter

Lil Zante

My dad is a narcissist