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Rachel Thompson

that was the best eggplosion you can do cody

ericchristian samar

haha the funny


nice editing

The first mission of the Samurai campaign, near the end of the mission just before you have to defend against the horse riders, Shugoki yells "Get out of my swamp!", referencing Shrek and his well known saying. I could upload a video of him saying it and link it if you want.

Lethesia Williams

That so fake

"Don't compare others to you, the sun and the moon don't compare each other, they'll shine when their time comes". 😊💞

Wayne Anderson

i fear death i wanna go to heaven and i dont read this if u wanna be depressed when u die u get trapped in a darj voide not being able to tell anybody about what happend


I've been lying to myself for the past few years because I have had to be strong for other but you could tell by my art that something is wrong, but now in this past year I haven't had anyone relying on me to help them and I'm always down and no one can tell because of how I act. I'm scared to tell my parents because I feel like they will call me a Liar and I'm not sure what to do. I'm also afraid that if they did find out they would send me to a hospital.

James Owens

23 bounces

cuty cat armyy

Your pretty de way you are?!

someone: you could probably work it out if you just talked-

Cjang Mamuad

Wow hahahavery nice video.❣

Billy Bob

It’s just one of those idiots with absolutely no bright future. Once you psychologically torture them and manipulate them, you’ll have the power. You didn’t touch them with your hands,but you stabbed him with words.

Chilla to The møøn

...(just waiting for my mom to go out the house so I can text her and tell her how I feel cUz it’s awkward letting her see the real me while telling her how I feel :3)

Me -"Yuck "

Victoria124 vozarova

my cousin was born yesterday shes called Nellie and u said she weights 3pounds my cousin weights 3.4 pounds is that a difference?😂

Russ Narze

im sorry james... i dont wear my seat belt..

Niswah Layyinah

Shower before & after school is not OCD

Jyotiraditya Pathak


Kudir Kudadiri

You guys should do messi vs neymar. Barcelona vs psg

Anna Mares

4:00 The comment?

littlekitty gaming

I feel only saddnes then my friends made fun of me for saying I NEED to see a therapist

Avani Mangrolia

Music is epic

baby0431 HU

Does the intro take just as long to fill the trick shots lol Edit 1: thanks for the one likeEdit 2: thanks for the two likes

Kinder icious

so when will you pay me for all the editing i did for you? :> (jk you the best)

jake wade

How many times do you guys have to do a stunt before you get it right? I can't even imagine how much blooper footage you must have

simon gutierrez

I Fucking jizzed so many times

Maik Sowinski

Wow, I'm definitely her. Not as strongly as her, but in a way, that's me. I've never seen such a good representation of introversion.