Arriving at the Airport with NO IDEA Where I'm FLYING - YouTube

Today's video is the much-anticipated surprise trip I took with Monica! This whole video is captured on the Nikon Z 6. The Z 6 was an awesome tool to help capture this because of its quick autofocus and low light capabilities. We were able to flip the camera around and talk to the camera vlog style, and still get the shot in focus! The 1080p 120 frames per second footage on the Z 6 makes it the perfect camera to capture cinematic travel shots. Check out my full review on the Z 6 here: more info or to purchase: Channel: ShelbychurchTwitter: @shelbychurchSnapchat: shelbychurchGet $30 Airbnb Credit: a FREE Uber ride use code: "ylkfn"Get a FREE Lyft ride use code: "SHELBY360158"Get $5 of FREE stocks: business inquiries please contact

Rein Engel

I love that the UFO appears at 3AM. There's an ongoing theme with the 3AM hour in UFO culture, such as abductions happening from 3 to 4AM and things of that nature. Rockstar knows their (bull)shit!




no chicken easter eggs....???

Michelle Teh

It's been over two years. When can I expect more episodes? They're really entertaining and easy ti understand.

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I’m still sad over my fav rapper death... RIP X

Unlike fortnite smh...

Student Arianne Alor Fuentes

My dad kept a box cigarettes. One day I noticed it and told him, he just said: They’re collectible.

Patrick Camarillo


Karsim shrawasti

whats up with the big topless guy who is a playable character?


Love your two wheeler trick shot



People from the future Hopefully your watching in this in the future 2020202120222023202320242025

Yash Munot

Do you guys really do it or its illusion? Just amazing


Your stupid

Queen K

I’m so sorry that happened to be your mom anyone who is on this channel. So sorry to what happened to you unless something good happened to you I love you bye

Tony Flamingo

Cody Jones looking like the golden boy doll

kawaii Potato

So ur telling meh that he spent money on u before u was 16??? JUST BUY ME PANDA EXPRESS AND U GOOD!!!!

Can we hit 30 likes?


I'm so glad this proposal is starting to pick up energy. We need it sooner rather than later, homelessness is epidemic. We are all getting f**ked right now because there are NO jobs and less all the time. There is no way to survive without money, and there is less and less in circulation.

ShadBonnie aka Henry Marcimoff

The Flat Earth Easter Egg:

Jakobe Gray


Parth Drolia

sad and the worst part is cases like these are very common

Dj cool nvk

Music name plizzzz

This Bullshit



Cody shouldn’t keep the beard

Sam Glick

When Paul didn’t have a beard

Matthew Rowse

you should do ping pong trick shot more

buffalo bill20

I am so sorry for what happened

Lucy Viravong

Tyler because of the beard


(bdw my english is shit) I know how to feel I have two diseases of the lungs and throat Laryngitis and Bronchitis (google it) bronchitis is not so dangerous there are many people who have bronchitis but laryngitis is very dangerous in some situations laryngitis I got more than my own 4 years and in that condition my doctors told me that I would have to live with laryngitis I do not have any everyday pain through which I'm passing but I can get suppressed if I do not get my medication for it in time, but somehow I struggle and i know its bad for lungs... I hope you are strong and you endure because I know it's 100 times worse ❤💜😳

Edit: my whole class still loves meh and I luv dem