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Pre-Order 'TESTIMONY' Now To Get "Benediction" f. Rick Ross Instantly:iTunes Deluxe:iTunes Standard: - The Debut Album -- Available April 15th! Includes Special Appearances from Rick Ross, Jeezy, Yo Gotti, Pusha T, Fabolous, and more! Music video by August Alsina performing Make It Home (Explicit). ©:Def Jam Recordings, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.Best of August Alsina: here:

Karim Rahaman

Do a face reveal

Luijo LPM

The mw3 one sacred me back then and the Gta V one made my heart suffer

Jet Turtle

i should start being on other things

Belal Haymour


JuanCarlos Clavijo Cedillo


Ethan Perry

That's referencing the killer robot in " I Robot"

Brody Pederson

RAMS vs PATRIOTS Comment who you want to win


"Or some bullshit like that, I don't know" LOL

Katherine Double

my parents caused my anxiety and depression but they dont believe me when i say i have both

I Ali علي


Elise Francois

20:52 EMMA 🤣💘


This is this the most inspiring video ever made it says that things are not what they seem and love yourself and and get help is needed because people can help you more than you can help yourself by cutting,hurting,and abusing yourself

Kylie Donnelly


Harley Dao

Iam very much thankful to your video. I change me altogether. I used to be a person who was very insecure and always compared myself to another. In all my failure, the thing I think at first is blaming myself and become devoured by it. After watching this video, I have reflected on that circumstances carefully. I think that from now, I will change to become totally myself, respect myself more. Generally, being truely who you are is always the best feeling. Thanks again. P/s: I very much like your animation. It is amazing and great. And the takeaway through your videos is so meaningful to the watchers. #atleastformeitis. There are some mistakes in my comment. Im on learning english progess.

Random Vlogzz

Nobody has commented in a while hi

Tyler Neikirk


Danail Velinov


lillegs 2005

the 2k people who disliked deserve to go what she did at 10


Episode 50 The Last Of Us hasnt been deleted has it?


What's that first game?

amina oruc

It was both high to low and low to high

Eric M

On the white brick wall, there is something being said in blind people language(Idk what's it called)

Yeet Ninja

What happens if Tyler gets picked for wheel unfortunate

Derrick Brailsford

This place looks freaking AWESOME!!!!!

Conan Russell

the San Andreas one made me chuckle :)

Bryant Guzman

But if we bon’t come can you show us in camera

Yung Willy


ToTheEdgeAcademy TTEA

The fight at 4:29 was awesome! They should make them harder though so its like a 5-10 min fight! Kind of a end of round boss although its half way in. You should die many times trying to defeat them! It would make it harder and longer to complete just like double dragon years ago or kung fu master:) I use to get to the 2nd boss with sticks up stairs in the arcade and die many time lose all my credits and bang another 20p in:) If boss was this easy then arcades wouldn't make any money:) Make small boss's SOLID!! Looks good game either way...

سوري وافتخر

Gael Cazares

This reminds me of that oneepisode of The Office were they basketball



Willy Bonka

That ending lmao

Cyan Plush Captain

2:52 when you accidentally shoot a nuke into the pond

adolf hitler

Just be goodlooking bro/sis

Yad .A

Nate just wants to play with his new power washer

Andy Nguyen

What were the girls doing in the tub? Having sex

Erik Lexa

I love movies,I love Easter Eggs and I LOVE YOUR VIDEOS GURU ♥