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Jeissim Khandagale

Only team TY


wow number was one so visible how the hell didnt they notice that

Marsya Briano

It just drop a few seconds ago

Kenan Lowellim

the best paper air plane is the ball plane I mean just destroy the paper (make it like a ball) then throw it


Elsa has patronus?

Lil Angel

Anyone watching 2019?

klisman5689 YT

el ultimo like la tiene mas grande

DatOne Dawg2016

I don't get the 5th one.

Logan Brynn Antido

Coby swished it on the Bounce Back

Patrick Bell

I love dude perfect, and all of there shots surprise me but what surprises me is that they are doing this in the Plano Senior High School Gym. GO WILDCATS!GO DUDE PERFECT!

kyle sisti

and me


john ybrehiem garcia

Expectations:HULK SMASH!!!!!reality:HULK SMASHED!!!

Banana Panther

You guys should do Yard Work Trick Shots/ Battle!Like so the dudes can see!👍🏻

kaylee roki

thats so sad she lost something that means so much to her when she did lost her hair its like she was losing her life or something


24 bounces

Isaiah 40

My son Micah loves you guys

Da Wae

2:18 I thought Roberto Carlos was kicking

Jordansworldofaction Jordansworldofactiom

2:45 Coby tried to argue with the group and fail

Brooke Lance

Hello I am using my sisters account right now sense mine is not working my cousin and brother want an easter sterotype.

Dave Skoglund


Friends friends friends friends

Undaily Noodle

I used to always compare myself to bts but I keep listening to their music and thinking about the lyrics and they make me realized that I shouldn’t care about how I look and that I should love myself and not care about what anybody thinks, now I don’t care what others think


Baconator Rock

Who's watching at 2017?


wow bad parents when I was 20 my mom was begging for me to stay home