Beats Solo3 vs Studio3 Wireless: Unboxing & Review

*Rebranded as InsideTech*Beats Solo3 Wireless and Beats Studio3 Wireless headphones | GamerTech Unboxing & Review.Comparison of the main features and 'Which should you buy?'Taking a look at:- Unboxing 0:53- Solo3 Wireless 4:38- Studio3 Wireless 7:00- Pure ANC 9:29- 'Fast Fuel' - fast charging 10:48- Apple's W1 chip 11:22- Which should you buy? 14:15-------------------------------------------Buy Beats Solo3 here:(Amazon U.S.)(Amazon U.K.)Buy Beats Studio3 here:(Amazon U.S.)(Amazon U.K.)Support the channel by making your Amazon purchases here:(U.S.)(U.K.)#Beats #Solo3 #Studio3If you liked the video then please give it a 'like', comment and subscribe to help the channel grow!Stay tuned for more tech and gaming videos!• Twitter: @insidetechltdInstagram: @insidetechltdFacebook: @insidetechltdso you don't miss anything else!& Reviews Playlist:Videos: - SONOS One Smart Speaker: Unboxing & ReviewSONY SRS XB40 bluetooth speaker: Unboxing & ReviewiPhone 8 Unboxing & Review:Macbook (2017) Unboxing & Review:Fast Charge vs Wireless Charge Comparison:Mophie Wireless Charging Base Unboxing & Review:Beats Solo3 Wireless: Beats Studio3 Wireless:

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