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•Madison •

Just show a person talking about abortion.Thats enough for anyone to go off

It’s Heather Rose

You should’ve left his face out? Obviously he didn’t want to be filmed

Isaac Mesones

Now do those catches without the gloves.

Kaiser Khan

The next will smith.

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This is Indonesia?

Garnetore Gladiator

This was my first DUDE PERFECT Video


I stumbled upon the same "No Country for Old Men" Easter egg by accident. Cool stuff.

kareen marcelino

and who is watching in2019

mason ford

Love your vids


Social Rejectz

Looking up symptoms on google is the cause of half my attacks

Jarry Krists Old Account

Please tell me the song in the cinematic near the end, of course, if you know it.


Did you know you can’t smile and breath at the same time :|

Alpha XVIV

1:12 DUANE!

Alex Bajan

on dare give a homeless enough money either to go to collage or a home


Link goes from wielding a sword to wielding a blue hand

gian jovellanos


Thomas Mathew

Amazing dude perfect 😀😀😀😀😀😀


I one watch dp?


This editing is pretty slick

Harry Potter

Your looking at a mr . Know it all


Waaaait. Did i see people working together with their ults? IS THERE GONNA BE COOP ULTS NOW!?

Elizabeth Swims

A blood glucose test should have been the first thing they did based on the symptoms. The second thing should have been a urinalysis.


Guru please make another watch dogs easter eggs :)