Big Shaq - Man's Not Hot Lyrics

Big Shaq - Man's Not Hot Lyrics


I can't with this, I want more of this kind of music from TWICE, it sounds perfect. I can't stop thinking of this song.

محمد القحطاني

احلى لايك لعيونك ....


Every time I'm loving much more the extra things in the end Lol, and the EasterEgg-ception in the video

teguh iqbal

Dude give me motorcycle please.....🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

Eli the one wheeler Yt

Do a new segment called clean test (or something like that) where you try to get the cleanest desk using anything of your choice.

Steven Alvarado

This shit cringe


and me

Awesome Vlogs & More

do tom brady

Himanshu Solanki

My best score is 300

On the dresses.

U happy??


i would do that like you

3: middle schoolers aren’t that woke. if you’re homophobic, most of them will ignore the bs you spout, and only like 3 will actually say anything to your face. (again, source: a bi person who’s met tons of homophobic people at her school).

Oof man


Grizhi Draw

The art get lazier and lazier each episode

Jacob Connell

Ur British !! Cool so am I

But I am scared...

Rous Chheoung

Play fishing in a iPhone games

And don't gotta explain (Nah), 'cause I got plenty stains (Stains)

Jochem Scheelings

Erm, let me think...

Andrew Harvey

For those confused about the image difference between the call of duty 3 poster in game and the image (probably nobody) the in game poster was based off of the cover for the PS2 copy of Call of Duty 3

jack hughes

Gb are the best at everything


Jonathan Tinsley

your awesome. I can't wait for more easter eggs. hey do sports games next

Joshua Garvock

Isn't it called a J turn