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Boby Loupo

Fuck Epic Game store exclusivity

Sheila Penney

Imagine how much they have spent on rage monster😂🤣


How do u find all these guru

hi hi



Can paper mario be classified as a classic game now? Is it really that old? Dam


Have a merry Christmas GuRu 🙏🙏 Thanks for all the great video's

Tennysa Mace

That really helped me feel a bit better about my life because right now I’m going through series depression. Thank you for sharing. ❤️



Star Citizen, Elite Dangerous, NoMan'ssky, etc, said hello

Kevin Backhouser


Johanna Rojas

I want to see this movie I never liked the first but I like the second

The Alastair Bentley Archive

Guru keep making vidios I love Easter eggs in games and movies and you show them the best I hope you do more -Alastair

Tyler Dowis

Fluffy bunny of doom!!

Brodie Hauptman

Panda all the way!!

Trebuh Nabruh

Can't wait at Dying Light easter eggs :)

Kristy Rosenthal

When i see you doing lip stuff i just noticed that i do lip pouts and stuff

Ignacio Guerrero

Hmm. Looks the same.

Arshi Booneady

Sometimes i'm ugly sometimes i'm beautiful😂😂😂😂❤


We have to have close to the same due date! I just had my ultrasound and mine looked really similar to yours. I had mine when I was almost 11 weeks 💕 congratulations again!

It's your boy, Brandon? GERMIAN


mi mi

why does this guy only have grey shirts

crazy rockstars

I love dude perfect videos

For my thoughts are not your thoughts,


What version of the conference call is that?

Max 27!

You should do a hide and go seek battle


Another great video, love your choice of music, and the editing is top notch. Thanks for what you do and keep up the good work :)


This game looks ridiculous. It looks like it's just about blowing shit up, and a little tiny bit about an actual story. Also, the physics seem like a joke when it comes to how the parachute, glide suit, and grapple(?) work. I guess that's why they call it Just Cause. Why is the game about blowing shit up, and why does the flying/grappling make little to no sense? Just cause.

Silvia Sari

He’s sooo bright...

Legendary Gamer YT

go find dinosurs instead

Bailey Ward

It's an eggstraviganza.

Victor clarks

2:50 waitwhat!!! this is unbelievable


Rajkumar T.V.D.

Is it not true that boomerang has only two ✌️ wings 🙄



eric gipson

So. In two days he is healthy? He heals that fast. Two days later he is good. We will see!

Kimi Yamamoto

shit am i still slightly anorexic? i don’t eat breakfast or lunch and i don’t drink much water. i still eat a lot for dinner though. i was really anorexic last year but after loosing 10 pounds a month, not getting my period in months, and my grades dropping, i started eating more and thought i was ok. i still haven’t had my period since november. i’ve been eating lunch and dinner though! i just don’t have time for breakfast. ugh. i guess im just problematic.


I was born in January

Me: * flashbacks * reality is often disappointing


Hey Guru, I think I just foind an easter egg for fallout 4 nuka world dlc. On top of the building inside fizztop mountain, theres a really small version of Han solo frozen in concrete, I nearly didn't see it.

Merry Christmas!

Mr emolga

Kai: Oi Charley Me: What Kai: Guess what I found Me: Mats Drugs? Kai: no Flash back All 4 of us sitting at the table on a school trip to the farm After 47 seconds of silence Kai: Mats on drug's Reece me and junior: HAHAHA Flashback ends Kai: I found some nudes Me TURN THAT OFF ABBY WILL KILL US lowers the screen on the 3ds


Big doin's on all levels... go get it all !

Radhika Sharma

Please Support My Channel....


4:56 a flicker in the bottom left corner

Elijah Aylward

Dude Perfect should make a collection video for all the bottle breaks on the head!

Ariana grande: are you trying to steal my lyrics?

techpriest feeb 1101101-111001

Soiler alert star wars is about war around stars

Nacket Donut

The ages he goes for just keep getting younger and younger...


4:23 ... that looks wrong in so many different ways


Well at least this trailer doesn’t spoil the whole movie cause nobody knows what’s going on

Dylan Noll

He was to far away for the bowling ball to hit him

Pise G͟a͟u͟t͟h͟i͟e͟r͟


And I have a iPhone XR