DAN PEÑA-GENERATION SNOWFLAKE-How To Man Up And Make Billions In The Trump Era Gold Rush - Part 1/2 - YouTube

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nothing matters

why hasnt lowry apologised to the lady he almost killed? p.o.s.

James: How? ...

Amiel Singo

Thank the dictionary


Jesus CHRIST. I feel really bad, I think it's probably nice to forget abuse like that. But I totally understand wanting to remember it


Yeah I think I might do a Part 2 soon.

kyler harrison

Marbles is a 10/10


there is a whole family on a platform in the training level


kessel wouldve eaten the donut


Please do another one when fallout 4 comes out!!

I’m still hungry

El Feo Flores

0:43 Nooooooo TnT Fuuuck! Dom

Aesop Carl

I like fluffy people UwU

Ebouse Tv

what the,were r u going

Amanda Hernandez

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sas said even if Kd is still not 100% he should play if he could

Simone Mitchell

That diamond is so pretty

Yurii TR

If your reading this I hope you be successful in your life and rich


fucking bros i hope you all die

Hockey 221117

"Hey Siri, in 15 minutes remind me to *eat this banana*"


So the Assasin's creed DOES have connections to this game


80% RIP Cody’s Grandpa30% Begging for likes 0% About stereotypes

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Paul V

some shots you should highlight the ball so its more visible.

Even if you think it's not "real" ... Many children actually go through this trauma. (May God punish all those filthy men and women who steal a child's childhood)


for the Gandalf easter egg the place is called weathertop which is in the LOTR

kevin xu

i am the time travler from 2018

Jackie Wacky

In the thumbnail, she kinda looks like the girl from the goofy movie

Thanh Nguyễn

2018 still watching

Weep Woop

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this my friend from school

cayden gamez

It's gonna happen eventually so I guess the only thing you can hope for is for it to be peaceful