Billie Eilish - Hostage (Acapella)

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Meghan Hayes

YAS MARBLES upstaging the dog fashion community with his cuteness!!!! I NEED jenna to make a video where her and marbles wear matching outfits PLEASE

Chandler: 1... 2.... 4....


at 5:30 this easter egg is to find the first UFO above mt chilliad. the ufo on the bottom means find all the ufo parts and make the car the cracked egg means crack the case abou the serial killer the as you said "jetpack" is actually a man in scuba gear so you have to find all the waste under water. so pretty much means 100% the game than come back to find the ufo.

Matthew Shearon

when Garrett did the fudge slace

Me: cheep prices

Narayanan Gopinathan

I have downloaded your dude perfet game. It was awsome


a Chuby Penguin

wow. but who killed the pilot after he crashed it?

Ian Logan

This was a great year for dp!

I always wonder, Example: “Trans Woman” Does this mean that...


1:08 i understand it

A and J

4:22 officecers

Shafeeq Muhammad


Marshmello Fan


Scribbling noises I guess that's a no...

Chanel Abrams

6:17 what is that face

Shaun surname

I wonder which twin is the "catcher" and which is the "pitcher"

Turbo Bitch

what the fuck kind of douchebaggery is this?Let's go to a playground and a fucking picnic site and break a bunch of glass?Did you suck on batteries as a kid?

Velcon X13

Will the man live and see his fa- wait are they dead already

Gater Rater

Lithuania all the way

Andrea Davis

This is so sad... mental and physical abuse tied up in one big package... I’m glad my mom is here to protect me from physical abuse....

Classivi Lavi

seems legit

Connor W

I can tell childish gambino had a big impact on him


TMV Lynelhyper4525


Don't Breathe 2016


My dad been smoking for 17 years and still no effect


God bless this girl. She doesn't deserved this happening when her "boyfriend" send her private photos that she didn't want to send to others.


I’m a girl and ouch that is really painful 😖