I get so many questions about what I use to plan and organize my blog content so I'm excited to share a sneak peak into everything today! I've got a favorite planner, calendar, notebook, and even pens so let's get started. | Blog Planning Organization: Planner, Calendars, Notebooks, & Pens★ Join my FREE EMAIL COURSE for starting a profitable blog!MENTIONED:Erin Condren LifePlanner (GET $10 OFF your first order by using my special link and signing up for their email list!): Calendars: Pads: VIDS MENTIONED:Erin Condren Unboxing 2017-2018 Stickers Haul | Erin Condren Dupes POST FOR THIS VIDEO: Join our Bright Bloggers + Business Facebook Group: Have a blogging or biz video request? Let me know! (social media links below ;)★ LET'S CHAT: Courses: hello@allisonlindstrom.comTwitter: allilindstromInstagram: Group: GEAR THAT I USE: Camera + Kit Lens: (webinar replays): iMovieIf you liked this video, you might really enjoy Carly Cristman's! Her black/white scheme just has me falling in love over here. HOW TO PLAN YOUR DAY: PLANNERS, NOTEBOOKS, PENS! of the links in this description may be affiliate links, which means I may receive a small commission at NO ADDITIONAL cost to you if you decide to purchase something. But girl, I don't recommend anything I don't love so no worries about that! ;)

Dr. Thrax

Nope it was G-man from from the half life series


When you said ' when they see the opposite sex they might get be overly flirtatious ' because if you have hysteria you can't be gay ?

Mechie Israel

Wait what her name?

Kitty• Gaming


Annuda Shoah

little sis is probably harvesting adam

Amirah M.

they should do stephen curry

Nelari jättää

0:32 my summer car


Meow meow meo mew

Sayeed Shabnam

very loose video it is what is in my is very loose video very very little lost


All nine.

Ivy Edwards

Innocent immigrants: Finally!! Freedom!


What is Michael Jackson's most famous catchphrase?1:33


Amazing videos! Stay on YouTube forever dude!

Mr. Nepali. Hacker


Cecil Hodges

Jump off a building with the parachute

Fernando Luna

Man love your vidz make more pls :)

JackClaire Riggs

Team cory like if on

Ⓙⓐⓢⓞⓝ Ⓜⓐⓣⓗⓤⓡⓐ

Im a raptors fan and I hope KD is ok. He’s an amazing player and the game wouldn’t be the same without him.

Jack Angus

Why does ty do every trick shot?Why doesn’t he have anyone else do any. Latterly ever trick he is either in the video or doing the trick shot



you find on the door a message that says 'fuck off'

Also Olivia: why is grandma black?

Eric Vahle

I saw a logan paul t shirt

Deadmoro3 Qwert

Русские вы где???????

sumdumbbih 666

2:28 We're lookin at frame rates up to 120 frames per second.

Paul Gwor

On the horse list Binky is DEATH'S horse from the Discworld books


8:21 E N H A N C E I M A G E

Elizabeth Hall

I like dual-wielding pickaxes. :3 Gets it done faster.

Company Mozo

Bro apply for NBA jessus xD

Will Wonka outdoors

Is it just me or was coby in first?

purple LanterCrafts

Ik how you feel I saw my grandpa once and he’s be dead for 5years😔

Cory Holbach

No Just Cause 2, the entire game is an easter egg

GnúH GnauQ nễyugN

Absolutely no one:

Kevin Ortiz

I heard the terminator theme but didn't see any terminators. "Giv meh ur ahdress there"