Boosie Badazz Type Beat 2019 | "Love Dont Live Here" (@Kingdrumdummie x @Mooksolive_25)

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Caleb Yazzie

I love shaun of the dead and hot fuzz and the worlds end thanks guru


im guessing theres no VR package. bad job xbox

Emmy Wilckens

iv watched all of them never realized wow!!


I bet once the movie "ready player one" releases guru is probably gonna make an hour or more long video referencing every single Easter egg in the film

Doctor Yum Yumm

Handsome jacks body double ? 0:53

Angel Barrios

Guru you are THE BEST in this kind of videos. 2️⃣ I like going for a walk if it's nice outside. I'm still trying to get involved with interior design, art, music, and writing. And not just looking on the computer, binge-watching videos, or napping all day.

xyc_ Qian


Satnam Singh

Garret , the Purple Hoser is Hydrophobic....but we need him in next deep sea fishing. 👇 ----IF YOU AGREE.

when the fire nation attacked

Bruh this wounds like a webtoon ad sksksk


you probably bought both in the bundle steam sale

chey do

:-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)

Sports Play

John cena

a a

or he just edited video which is a lot easier,like they would waste time on stuff that doesnt earn them anything

Octavio Arceo

was that brodie smith?

saga arifaldy

So cool!!!👏👏👏

Kateryna Poe

Tati I understand what you said on Instagram stories that you support Jaclyn Hill as influenster and brand owner but I think with everything going on big influensters like you need to speak up. Small influensters made videos addressing all the issues they having with her lipsticks and what shocked me that she hasn’t made a statement yet. Remember how you launched Halo and so many people had questions and issues with Halo. You made two videos to address them. Don’t you think Jaclyn has to do the same?


Thank goodness for that last trials part.. otherwise I was thinking of u as perfect humans. 🤣


skip at 11:08



Kuba Machała


Twinkie Cat.

I need an RC car in my life that doesn’t actually work on cables.


What about Mustafa Kemal Atatürk next time ?

DiDerp Herpa

13:35 What does this mean!?


And then Kratos is forced to wear the ashes of his own BOY

Rishi Vinodkumar



It's good to see a legend alive from 1979 ant man

Athaya Mahira

Wow i very love frozen when frozen realese so i wonder see this movie because so cool i love you elsa and anna

Aidan Schoene


I'm floating in the air like I'm weightless

Jennifer Rock


Fabiha Amin

I knew she was going to say k 👌

Patrick Hearn


anime connoissuer

and he is losing part of his money to a divorce


Go to school do not have to care

Anastasia Manivannan

Ignore let the haters hates.You are beautiful and in and out .What goes in one ear for mean words about you must go out.God bless kids or people who are bullied.Stay strong

Ambie Vasser

Fancy by Taylor Swift

Preyder / CoD Commentaries

I hope for CoD 4 Remastered :D And yea, thats the only hope I have for CoD at the moment...

Rebecca McCurry

Absolute sleeper

Kelsey Turner

Ive got anxiety