break up with your girlfriend, i'm bored || Ariana Grande Lyrics

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Stephanie Reed

I gave a person water in this game to be nice. Less than 10 seconds later some cunt comes around and drives into both me and him.

Mei Mew

3:00 not the best shade color, looks like she's sitting on her pee xDD

Matteo Bruni

2018 oct?


hit like if u think that the original song is way better ...

KRG Productions

Where is “The Granny Shooter”


So my mom walked in to her room with her boyfriend and about a couple of moment's later i hear loud noises and my grandma comes to tell me that we should go to my sisters house and when we came back i saw that my bed sheets were all messed up and all,now i'm not to sure if it's even safe to even sleep in my room anymore 

I play (almost) everyday on my nintendo switch😂


Do a surfing battle

Damoncorforte _

+FunWithGuru great video guru I really love your content! (Do you remember me? I left a comment on your mad max video)

The wierdos Life

Palms are sweaty... I luv moms speget

CoolCruz Gamer

my top 3:

The_ emerald_ gamer

What was the red stuff he threw?

Silent Moon


Bilgi Aksakal

Omg I can't waiting

CarlPoppa 22

how did i guess the fish thing

lilybeauxo lilyy


Grumpy Torch

Mam im not female

Gianni Villeda

Outback, yeah where it belongs!


mansur mansurpt

The floppy rail drunker

Eric Madrid



3:56 usar un ventilador para abrir una puerta ¿hay algo mas inutil que eso?

bhu gaming

Congrates coby .coby Fans subscribe

I made my acc attached to an email by supercell and I don’t the email is it done for me

Wilmond Brutus

Necklace I think


I laughed at the Insidious scene when i first saw the movie, and do not get, and probably never will get why people get scared of that one. Would remove the Insidious one and add Jaws underwater scene instead. Rest of these were fine though.


What's the soundtrack in the mario 3dland easter egg?

Kobra Boi

i found an easter egg in batman arkham origins ! there's the calendar man (?) room in the final part of the game 

l lawiett

Was Michael actually trying to light Tanner's pants on fire

Basic Repeater DAHL

The ending of this game is shit. but the game is Great :D


No its not a bug bro he shows the easter egg then the bug... Do you think a Mouse on weels is just a bug? I sure don't

Ian Donnellan

i want a tee shirt

Sherry Zafar

Real madrid

I now describe you as GAY

Keyon Allen

Chris they are called easter, eggs because they are hard to find like easter eggs some are done at specific times your welcone

Sam Lessard

this is amazing


Rick and Morty luv <3