Sígueme en Instagram: para más videos: latino ?: No, no soy latino o hispano. Mi madre es inglesa (blanca) y mi papá es indio (marrón). Y nací y vivo en Londres Inglaterra.Acerca de mi canal: Hola, bienvenido a mi canal. Aquí reacciono a una variedad de diferentes músicas en español. Disfruto de una variedad de música diferente de diferentes géneros. Actualmente estoy aprendiendo español. Mi español es muy básico, así que no entiendo mucho, pero realmente disfruto la música.

G a r d e v o i r A n i m a t I o n s Yt lil puff

You never showed us the wondertrades ;w;

envious lust

Hit or miss

Amanda Martins

i heard the whirring and for a second thought it could be pimblokto 😔😔

Adoption is an option.

Ruben Ortiz

kobe bryant  the beast

Soumik Hazra Choudhuri

Plant some

1000 Subscribers With No Video

when idiots make abusive mom and dad comments and it makes other idiots make it too.

Oh Happy Lea

Friend: do a fake account

Emmi Rose

Edward scissor hands is a phat mood

aji dinda

I found the toy story baloon,pizza planet and A113.thats it

iconic shishter

What if your parents are the reason of your depression

Leonard Harvey

Link: sleeping and suddenly dream of something

Green Pigeon

So wait.. But wow this really does sound and look promising, man I can not wait to see what they do. Cheers 343 !

Hot Wheels Youtuber 50

More autism!


dont listen to that immature little fuck

Dog Lover

The fact that molly and Madeline barely know who exits at FBE makes me feel like my old classmates barely noticed me 😂 😂

Th3 Gam3r


sky killd

You can found all masks of pay day

shadow girl


Pauline F de Gaiffier

I really cried for this time


2:01 funny if then got aten by a croc

sebabels 11

Film whit Manchester United

Michelle WX

Awesome video i dont to tank for watchin video

Diamond Heart

I saw this after seeing bright side channel......I love the video i a inspiration


5:03 Tyler said golf was gay

Andye RM

Tendencia en México ❤️ Fighting, Ateez!

Mia Wang

1:26 Wait that’s illegal

Killer Memestar

Technicallythis is car edition

Master Of The Gulag

so the easter egg with nikolai and shit ties bo3 zombies to bo1

Swift Clix

Seriously... thank you.

Random Girl

This Video has really the best meaning❤️❤️❤️

Audrey Wasserbaech

Did anyone else notice they used one of the vocab words at the end? (Adversary)


u forgot the the trampoline...

Lydia Kajencki

They didn't do volleyball

Faubster Vlogs

1. I’m laughing because the music playing is saying we were born for this so they were born to through plungers 😂