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Shepardson Tegan

People over react about their lives sometimes. Like. I was abused by my mom and I was injected with drugs. Ppl pretend they have ptsd and when they don’t. And when they lie and get caught; they lie and call u out. hate just saying

Hallahh eemm

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Huskymaster 12345

The camp looks fun

Eileen Ferguson

Your only a true fan if your from Texas buddy


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Sergio Nestor

23 por 24

"I’m speaking of the pursuit of excellence in all things. All things! Presence of mind and devotion to craft. A great artist has these. A great chef. A great master of tea. There’s powerful kung fu in a well-built house or an eloquent letter, but the limit of your imagination is bones breaking and bullets flying." While death are wolves tigers etc.

Duke Togo

I weep for the generation that thinks this is music.

Nightwolf Pence

Pretty sure he flipped the cooked burger onto a pan with raw burgers.....that's how you get sick

Kitten Gacha Girl

I would of been your friend




We’re not even going for the. Same species.. XD

I can tell you crazy, but shit kind of intrigue me (No, yeah, I like that)

The Wild Plush Show

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Sergio Aguilar

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Doge Chronicles

How do u know so many shows.


Maybe being sick and watching this wasn’t the best of ideas

Crazy Striker TV

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StrainPlayz playz manya

When the guy threw the spoon it was up side down if u saw


111degrees is our winter here in Australia


@TheBankIsOpenFilms its my bro XD

Ferenc Szántó

Is he the young kylo ren?

Dr.Phill: damn another one

rigoberto mercado

Rich brian really out did himself with this drake bell feature ngl


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