Cardi B Acceptance Speech - Best New Artist | 2018 iHeartRadio Music Awards

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Ty looks so different than 2017

Felix Ho

How many certificates do you guys have in total?


12 bounces

Zappy-Mobile Legends Legends

Congrats To my idol Gar Hope you have a happy family

Chase Faris matecki

Nice job guys

Sampler Text



Unrelated question(kinda): Am I the only one who never liked Finding Nemo? Even when I saw it as a kid I hated it. I watched it again a few years back to see if it was just my childhood stupidity but I still didn't like it. Anyone Else feel the same?

Adoption is an option.


Graphics and Costumes jyada acha ho Sakta thaa

ياسمين فاست فود

Dawn and Jeff


Try Again Gacha

”Then your like man, Water bottles are dead, let’s not do it again, THEN YOU DO SOMETHING LIKE THIS AND YOUR LIKE YEAH MAN”

Nasty C

My Sanits row boss has the same hair

Arbaz Sharif

im so jealous looks too fun!!!


She made Cheif Ramsey look like a bitch! 52 and still awesome!

Grace Pugh

Put them back in the ocean

Mario Lobo

This was probably the hardest video for the editors to edit

Dee Popscile

The thumbnail is showing a old man still pretending to be a yandree and acting like a 9 yandree

Radu Cristian Udrea

damn girl you got srios problems if just one person calling you ugly dose dis too you i think u care about ur self to much

Ethan Lee

who is Panda...

Felicia Vivas

Halo Infinite trailer: exists

Kulwinder Rathore

Yeah sooooooooo beautiful 👌 siir


Mom said it's my turn with the bodyyyy!

Chris Boe

these guys are like jackass for basketball. They should get a cable show


finally one with more then 1 shot! and they shoulda put the hoop on the Dallas Star

Majie Playz

First parents are adopted by you?

Waff le

That girl had the guts

Kawaii Bunny

Elon musk


Minecraft for xbox? Sounds awesome, does it have mutliplayer by any chance?


Who is watching in 2019 if so like and sub to me for a apple giftcard and shoutout

Layla Jackson

Plot twist, she gets fired for it


STAR WARS WAATER EGGS, (movies and the games espesially star wars battlefront

Daniel Purdy

Must be exhausting doing 500 tries each time

niky st13

I never clicked so fast on a video 😂

Nathan Killion

That’s lit👌

Andrew Thomas

Yeah but it must be really annoying when they say something before they take the shot cause they have to be like "This is the ____ shot" and then make it.

Yağız Dinç

they both.

Girl: My bikini came off

stickman animation

why was she wearing a towel in the bath


I grew up showered with love and I still am the Avoidant.

Luna Bagchus

I'm not american but this is the reason why i love it :D


That dancing tho

Christina Velasco

She’s in a better place now 💜❤️


I made a separate video of that, I never forget to put in an Easter Egg, I just don't want to put it in for some reason.

Austin Weigle

Children are only acceptable bas a back up food source