Cardi B & Bruno Mars - Please Me (Reaction Video)

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X Gamer

;-; i can't watch this...


Aww this is really cutee

Erin McTamaney

1morio them song

moxie hope

I was born with a hole in my lug

Cierra David

You can have 2 segments of you go to Korea. Being curvy, it was difficult to find clothes in South Korea in some places. Also, being brown with curly hair was difficult to find the products I needed.


Oh wow some more cancer to watch heck yeah


Why the fuck does EVERYONE point out the moon? I figured that out by myself when GTAIII was brand new. Such a boring "Easter egg"

drago gaming

Pause at 5:10

All Rounder

India will win

Paul Chen

Apparent Achilles tendon tear

Powerhouse Racing

superhot vr

Pigeon Man

whenever you upload you always do it around the same time as didyouknowgaming ive noticed this for quite a while now and it's been had me thinking are you the did you know gaming guy?



Shalini Chhabra

rip minion Dave 😭😭😭😨😨😨😤😤

Monachus Bibe

Almost every single reply in the comments is "in bed."

Bowqueuni Edits

Dude perfect always win yay

Chaitanya Bharathi

I think that u should take your next video in India at hyderabad

Jana Taylor

I screenshot your makeup look & shop from it..what eye shadow did you have today?

January Colnick

Still no signs of Elsa will fall in love to a prince nor a king. YESSS!!! Good job, Disney!

Captain AwashToast

I thought serious Sam 3 wasn't a indie game?

DanDa Theft

Yo Tyler! Why you are always the winner!!!!!


I am really curious of how much time does it takes you to create a video. Also the creative process. Some backstage thing.

Gemima St.Juste

He Is Full Of Talent😫❤. I Swear I Cried😢❤🌎

laksh manan

2:17 Bts 😘😍😗any BTS ARMY HERE!!click like if you are one ☺

Red leather


Oh I thought this was about the champions league

Kylen Small

The AVATAR has returned!

miss_ sampat

The animation is good this time.

Joy Cha

Don't why at the beginning I was expected mermaids instead of a horse, Ariel is that you?

Brock Field

you should do sleepover stereotypes

Yuvraj Chaturvedi

rc ramp jump

Nathaniel Kunin

Let Michael finish his sentence though haha

Christopher Rhames

Is this real

Mountain Broken

Ty is so funny :))




Hey Guru, just wanted to say something quickly. You're my favourite youtuber, and no matter what you do, I'll always love you! :)

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