Cardi B, Bad Bunny & J Balvin - I Like It (Clean Lyrics)

I take requests just comment!Artist: Cardi B, Bad Bunny, J BalvinSong: I Like ItAlbum: Invasion of PrivacyYear: 2018Photo: don't own the songenjoy!.................................................................................Copyright Email:

I was trying to think of some other asmr type scenes in other films and thought of... Kill bill 2 the water feature in the snow after Lou fight / sleeping beauty when green fairy godmother is making the big cake and also making the dress / Edward scissor hands neighbour showing him her new salon & favourite smock lol / Santa Claus (Tim Allen) sitting with Judy drinking hot cocoa. :)

But I don't still believe tho

Lindsay Jacob

Are they just hating on vaping orrrr

Pedro Guzman


Lorelei Reeves

Respect uss artists and don't looook at meh cringe vidioss u really hard cringe

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Cool tricks but world longest shot? Really? :D


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Md. Hasibur Rahman

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Kaylan Mckinney

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When an 5 y.o is much smarter than you

Dimond Miller

Awwww you got me crying 😢

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andrew stewart

I really liked the video guys

Cody Curry

The blue jays

Nicholas Warrick

Am I the only one who wants Black Panther and Captain Marvel?

Thomas Lemmons

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Swimming & Baseball For life

Are they using real glass on Cory

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Ironically Okay

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exploding chicken

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Slice of Space

Wow this video was posted on my birthday... 😂 Can't wait for the next episode!

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Wild One

Awesome video again man :3 Btw I knew you through Matt Neux :D!

Darcy Mangan

I feel like Brodie might be the pandaLike if u agree

Terrell Cole

So stealing that Birthday song!

In Tölt

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TsK SNiiP3Zz

Great video🥇

K Max

The Legend of Zelda: Last Breath of the Wild

Sky light

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Apple Bees


Infinite Crispy

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Megan Shen

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At 00:32 Cory pulls out the stuff in the car.


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