Cardi B - Money | REACTION VIDEO

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Debbie Jones


siti sufiah

So uh if both princess and the queen left ....who watch over the kingdom?

Rebekah Seda

Honestly, I would feel more bad if you have gotten pregnant AFTER YOU WERE MARRIED. Let this be a lesson to you youngsters: the risks involved in that kind of activity before marriage far outweigh the pleasure. Always wait until after marriage guys. Otherwise it's too risky.

Yuki Lapixa

This makes my heart break in pieces... :C

TG IsBae

The shot at 3:50 is so fake

Stephen curry

Fuzzy Conway

This is more bait for SJW

he get his money bacc

Thomas Belleau

You should do the same thing with the cheetah Tyreek Hill from the Chiefs


cemre seni seviyorum ne alaka

MidLife Crisis

you're videos are fricken amazing


Did she say you need a Class B fire extinguisher or did I misunderstand her. You need a Class D extinguisher which is a dry chemical. You could also use sand to smother the fire. A very dangerous fire which has taken quite a few firefighters lives when they sprayed water upon it before they knew what was burning .

Teagan Feuk

someone please make an instagram account for mr Marbles of him just happily posing in his little outfits, thats all i need to make me smile everyday

Nui Thanadpipat


Kyle Trisch

I know you're neafyew

nostalgia boner

I was waiting for this...


So dice wants to kill cod... let's destroy the only thing they've got right! World War! (Do you imagine a zombie mode in battlefield 1??)


in the original of what i seen of the game the women would gun you down but to be honest your character was being quite rude


#YIAYJob YIAY question maker


what song are they playing through out the whole video?

Robin Warren

Wheel Unfortunate is my favourite segment.

Nerdy_Gamer 231

Christmas came early


You guys are good

ps: hey ~bell boiz~ where you at? if you aren’t ~bell boiz~ you’re a SHAM. 🔔

Literally boring me to death already.

Abderrahmane Boulmalf

2:58 he could ve die

And other doctor chap that altered my brother badly for life

Clayton Reichanadter

thats the best

yurrr yktv

"You have to be skinny to be beautiful" lmaoooo🤣🤣nowadays u gotta be thick or else u will be called a stick😐

Frances Golden

Cyber hunter please


I thought I'd put the Ruffles in the basket at the end.

soulen jacob

This is stupid fire🔥🔥

Josh Pritchard

It's the hottest thing i've ever seen. Jesus Halle made herself sexier then i thought she could.

Kairie gaming

I'm caring wael watching this I'm so sorry

Razy 01

The whole being on read thing feels like it'd hurt more in person, hurts enough over text

Lush long curly brown hair

Its (Silly Goose) ZeN

i just dont like david gillespie

Ang3l Alarcon

Hablaron en español


Lol that opening line sounds like he's saying "All ready for Skooma." Either that or I've been playing way too much Elder Scrolls XD

Mr.Kawaii The Third

ey ey ey ey yo! Was that a Jojo reference?

Bumpin' Uglies

Go cBay

exist only in vid game

hyholy subbs

Dude perfect hyping each other every time they score is such goals

antonio young

IS Looney a B+ player or something I'm confused ...who cares if he was missing.....players on Raptors was missing....steph 33 points yeah CHRIS but overall its held up because he exploded one game the other 3 he was very good ok and aight

Saud Umar Khan

make another one of these

Santeri Räihä

Pt 2


you are the best channel

1.Video Games References To Games Of Thrones


Do it for ac4

I know that it's only 17 on trending but at least it's something ok


i have this game..

Alfie Harmes

this was amazing


Problem solved