Cashflow Harlem starring Cardi B Ladies vs Thots" OFFICIAL VIDEO"

After Millions of Views of his wildly popular in Car freestyles, Cashflow finally steps out the car to Show the world What the Difference is between a Lady and a Thot is in his visually pleasing way with a great underlying plot. The video stars the wildly popular Cardi B and Super Producer Remo The Hitmaker.Cashflow aka Cashflowharlem gets out the car and does not disappointlatest mixtapeis out NOW

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They changed the thumbnail and title lol


By a squid

Chandler: yes


This is so sweet. Finally a happy story !

Stas F

Кто из Руси - лайк

Milk Dud Nips

"A shake of cayenne" You're Chef John now?

AL3X Music

Ooh, a double rim. That's tough

Umbros Sageos

Shame about that delay

Hailee Larson

i heard this on the radio i freaked out😂

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5:50 - when it's obvious the Dolan twins don't drink alcohol xD


Stop with the rage monster please

José Luis

des de gando voces sabe fazer isto


You cried because of a B?

Brandi Carlson

Welcome to parenthood!! Congratulations!!! 🎉🎉


Like si crees que es mejor amor genuino de ZION & LENNOX

Teddy Leaver

Did you find all of these by yourself?

Keeley Wade

Let's just admit it.. we all girls are sorta gold diggers

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i have a idea how about u do bottle throwing sim


When is the next episode

Tim Hunsaker

Wendy's totally kicked the shit out of both of them

dew dew

You guys wanna join my Battlefield 1 platoon?

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Johnny Manziel is from my hometown.....

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Where's coby????

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Omg!!! Anna looks like her mother! Well, I mean of course she would look like her mother but still... GOOSEBUMPS!!! 😍😍😍

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Pura porquería de canciones no sé para qué existen Pirlo menos los niños saben que dicen esas canciones, pues no nada más las andan cantando sin saber que dicen

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In 2017 who is watching because Ryan Tannehill is retired

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Everything now a days is unhealthy and we’re all gonna die so who gives a shit


Instead of giving him 100 likes, we gave him 1000 :D

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I loved this movie so much!!

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I never knew basket balls could double jump


Telling someone it will get better is the easy part. But after a while, you stop believing it will get better. And after that, your life just doesn't feel worth it anymore. To get out of bed and think to yourself, if I want this to stop, why don't I end it myself?

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Anyone know the song


this is so sad cause i can %100 relate and i’m pretty sure most girls can relate to this too. we always compare our body, face, height, weight and every other thing to models or just famous people in the instagram or wherever. i don’t know bout you guys but that is the only reason i feel insecure. i know myself and i know who i am. but when i usually don’t fit in, my self esteem even goes more down. i don’t have a body like the ‘insta girls’ and i will never have. but i don’t know how to get over this. i just can’t stop looking at pictures of pretty girls in instagram and just be like “i’m so ugly near them. why can i just be like them?” i just wish being a teenager wasn’t this complicated. cause i know till 00’s no teen were like this. i’m so sad for my generation. we all are insecure

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Because everyone loves pizza. Well everyone except those who don't. 

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Oh my god Chandler why you sooooo useless??????😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰

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He wants her Bobs and veganas

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I’m on team Cody for life

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At first I thought Coby was the hottest, but Cory kind of grew on me


well the 10 million point shot was boring af

LongLive XXXTentacion

You gotta work hard, Can’t just make it off of faith. 💯💯