Cashmoneyap, NoCap & Polo G - No Patience

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Michael huertas

if four player coop is this kind of hell i need to invent friends just so i can properly play this game.

Jesslyn Jovita


Thomas Myers

Lmao spams square at the end

Maryan Ganey

Does Catherine like Jennifer Lopez

Newt boy

Ty’s dad

MotherOther & Her Tales

where do i get this wardrobe. i literally want Everything!

Me : Excuse me but you’re the one who was all head over heels for this queen here, better show some respect.

Acrto Matic

Dude Perfect vs John Cena?

Yasmina Baro

Im a introvert person

Leon Liang

Raptors need to finish the warriors off tonight. can't give them any daylight now that durant is back..if anyone can lead the warriors back from 3-1, it's durant. But he's probly not 100% tonight. So you gotta go for the kill. Kawhi will be crowned champ and finals mvp tonight. Let's go!

Alpha Gamez

so amazing dude i subcribe

Nasser Alqahtani

2:05 my name is john doe

Sav Lif3

1:02 panda spotted doing backflip

It's yo boo Jackie

You made Starbucks Starbucks is life now I want Starbucks I really need to stop saying Starbucks dammit I did it again

Kiona Zand

I just got off my period, which lasted for 8 weeks

farhanaz shaikh

My score is 40

johaniel garcia

Detective Pikachu and Pikachu they're two different characters

The masked men

I knew some of the origins Easter egg but not the others IM A BILLIONAIRE

Damein Sotelo

I'm the one play guy

Git Funkt

I cant wait to go on pornhu- i mean hentaiheav- i mean to jerk of- watch all the anime

xavier phillip soquila

Elantaon kana

The Random Scale Modeller

It's sad because Shotgun Trick Shots got taken down. This video has the last remains of it.

Thicc Boii

Love your vids guru <3

River Rushlow

does anyone know what kind of bikes these are??

Not Your Typical Waifu


Fresh Inky Boi

Why the 👏 did you not help her do that explains it

Idk What to do with life

Poor Santa


best game ever <3


Hey Guru, in the music video for "System of a Down - Lonely Day" there is a reference about 47 seconds in from Pink Floyds "Wish you were here"



They just tryna kill me 'cause I have it


I didn't know Guru is so chill and funny hahaha :D

do you know dae wae

I bet there are gamers here

Christopher Moore

Well this game is a giant easter egg

grdn rs

I once bought a not well known matte liquid lipstick from a well unknown company that youtuberS yes youtuberS PLURAL reviewed and the product was such crap. It was patchy, it was drying, it just didn’t even go on well. I’m never buying liquid lipsticks from unknown companies ever again


my parents are the cause though

اشوفكم ي عرب سلام ي حبيلكم❤🤚

Азамат Набиев


Nathalia Gómez Leyva

Friends friends friends friends

Hesus Mushendwa

Use playstation its better dont use xbox

Hacks kid 6

0:11 the umbrella girl is she in the LGBT+ community

and which kind of bond (relationship, friendship, flirts etc.), do you have?

Adish Sasmal

You Did A Great Job.

Computer players laughing in the back playing at 400 frames per second

Filip Willems

So set

Cole Larrabee

Tom Brady