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1 like: 29 kicks in the nuts, 43 punches in the face and 67 stabs in the chest per person. :)

Rocey cat

Why they didn't fix your nouse enywey?

جام نحسب انفسنا كم

Don't come at me this is just 'MY' opinion I'm kinda against this kind of thing

_remi _skye_

The great basketball massacre of 2014. So sad tear we will look back on this day in future years and immediately be filled with suffering. Luckily, with some help by protection acts and protests, the basketball population has recovered and is at an all time high.

Koby Garcia

Loved that last of us remix playing in the background

Lily Smith

I’m eating peanut butter on toast

Well done !

Adrianna Gonzalez

I cried 😥😥😥

Jackson Palmborg

Anyone else get a golf commercial? Just me,ok.⛳

Not Bob

Yeah that'll work. The ocean will just back off due to human ingenuity

Faze Plays

I think ty wins to much

Ricky Gonzalez

Stereotypes List1. The Jokester2. The Ambitious Refiller3. Mr. No Manners4. The Overly Friendly Waiter5. The Fake Name Guy6. Clumsy Waiter7. The Rage Monster8. The Pranksters9. The Annoying Music Man10. The Phone Addicts11. The Awkward Breakup12. Big Price, Small Portion13. The Obnoxious Birthday Celebration


It's blocked in my county :(

I was diagnosed with dehydration...


Virgin General


Its Leanette

I’m scared of death bc I don’t know what happens after (do we just blackout, go somewhere) I’m also scared to loose my family bc there will be no other people like them when I die


Hello dude perfect

Jody Greenspon

Who is panda?


Life as we know it will be gone, people will forget what the outside world looks like.

Micheal Cockrill

I like the hit man one

Chris Cobos

Blob Fish

I have eczema it’s so horrible🙄😬

Got Glock?

Should've dropped it on time square.

all your sins and live whole life obedient to him and you will be saved

LS Heart

Ahh finally 😍


there's an Easter egg on act 1 the raid in the maternity annex, on the walls you can see the carpet pattern from the shining movie , I have a video on my channel if you want to see or use it in the future.

Michelle Travis

Is that Ty

Hurricane Sandy

Cory and Tyler are my favorites!




This year again please!

Josh Cane

I literally thought it was falling lol (1:52)

Glory Destonk



i think he said " i need to retire"

Star Virus

Plz return all the 3 suit skin like You did with all the 4 bears


4:17song: "We go to ends of the Earth" as the Purple Hoser walks away from Ball xD

Alan Josue Alanis Quiroz

wheres is the dog????

LET SH H Gaming

Very cool and amazing

Spilled Tea

I just don’t compare myself because I know I’m an individual and don’t need to pretend anymore

Edit: thx for the likes it’s the most I’ve ever had


Surprised that you are not going to Henderson Nevada

fatimah anwaar

I know that girls should go to school but during high school their body parts are over sexualized by a bunch of F-boys and the teachers blame the girls for their clothing


Vlog videos

Did anyone else hear Hunger Games in the beginning

Queeer pl

Szkoda że to polska gra a jest po Angielsku