Chris Brown ft. T-Pain "Kiss Kiss" | Chapkis Dance | Sienna Lalau

Sienna Lalau teaching Chapkis Dance Summer IntensivePlease don't forget to subscribe @ChapkisDanceUSA and @SiennaLalauSong: "Kiss Kiss" Chris Brown ft. T-Pain www.chapkisdance.comChapkis Dance host Master Class Every Monday @ 8p309 Main St. Suisun City, instagram: @ChapkisDance **NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED! I DO NOT OWN ANY RIGHTS TO THIS MUSIC - ONLY USED FOR CHOREOGRAPHY PURPOSES.***

Jakob Stacy

How many likes for this taco?🌮Meh. Pizza is better🍕

Kevin Crawford

Is anyone else wondering if Ty gets picked how will he be Ned Forrseter and Tyler Tony at the same time

Gabby's Gacha and Games :3 Games

Nobody: dies

Zinklynkz TM

2019 anyone?

Abdullah Hoca


Akang Suhaemi

keren hoki kali

Calf Hilly

I don't get number eight or number three


was this necessary? no

Ryan Miller

First comment



Dibyanshi Dash

This story is very cute


That is one of the greatest and stupidest things I have ever seen in my entire life. Awesome !&#^ !

Van Islandlights

The Street Warrior poster is a reference to Mad Max, which deeply influenced the Fallout series. I love seeing that now that Fallout 4's coming  :D

Moreno Concepcion


Kickin Some Metal

No not the unicorn!

Katelin Gronendyke

1:00 poor Cory


Im a cowboy fan DON’T TRIGGER ME

tom edwards

the fact you do easter eggs in your own easter egg videos so well is just amazing your brilliant


this could be real but it was tried a lot of times to get it right....


The last easter egg… Oh no that's horrible for him… :/

Cryptic Fuzzie

Hype BF1 Hype what happens if they have the supply drop system in bf1 like b03


What doctor gives untested pills to someone?

Angelica Schuyler

I’m a psychopath I went trick or treating and saw a house with a bowl of candy outside and a sign that said take 1 I took 2 BE SCARED

Weirdosrule YASS

I want to know when this happened because there is now therapy for paralyzed people. (Who just became tho)

Me: uhm what the hell?! No way

1000 subs by commenting challenge?

Polo G - Pop Out Again and Again ft. NLE CHOPPA

Gee Quiy

Someone tell me what's the ost they're using

Em Nakonechny

I so badly wanna be friends with these guys!

Ant 47

I could SMELL the desserts


0:36 black ops 2 taxi driver robot CONFIRMED?!?!?!?!?!?!

Reese Sanchez

25 views and 59 likes YouTube is drunk again.

(en dicho video dejo link de descarga con la acapella a volumen mas alto)


as i watch more of the vids, i lose my interest in em, there shots really arent that challenging

Louie F

What was the song in the madden 12 one

Marina Lalla

Wouldn't it be fun if the reactors whose photos the staff had to guess reacted to this episode?

Henry Beckman


Farissassin's Flame ninja

airplane that insane!

Danny Khalaf

2015: Nah2016: Nah2017: Nah2018: Nah2019: Let’s recommend this!

This song hella blackout.. Blah

I really miss her

Kathleen Wong

I see Dallas Stars at 3:19

Jack Bruno


Matthew Chan