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My country

Evitix _12

I’m type 1 diabetic. - I’m depressed a lot, and really sad right now - Ashamed too. But I hope I feeel better soon.

X-Films YT


Devon Godshall

Ur stupid

Kitty Amazing

I started off with Anxiety when I was about 15, that is now combined with not only panic disorder, but also added bouts of depression.... Been this way since I was 17 and was finally diagnosed when I was 19. I've developed ways to combat my anxiety and depression but panic disorder is not so easy to fight off... A little voice always whispers "but what if today there really is something wrong" and it's truly terrifying... I've had my hands and arms lock up from panic attacks, unable to move and feel like I can't get a drop of air in me, resulting in a few ambulance rides with paramedics watching me convulse, concerned I'm going into a seizure... Then afterwards doctors say it's "just anxiety" and I go home sore, with every muscle in my body screaming like I've just rolled down a rocky mountain...


damn the last one is scary haha



Sebastián Vazquez


Spiritwolf Yt

Mr beast sees title

That’s Impossible

I wanna work at dude perfect even though I am a eight year old

Jessie Hendrickson

so. asome

organized chaos

how did this mf build an entire castle and stairway in like 3 minutes and all of a sudden cant build a bridge on wATER AMERICA EXPLAIN+

Onni Rahkola


ummu Abdo

N Korea is different than some countrys. But story was soo sad .imagine you in this stoution. Hope you all a better life.😞👍

N0 One454

Thumbs up 4 just mentioning rib-eye :)


Guru, I love you Bro hug

Ta Plunkers


Bhuvan R

Do film with virat kohli pls

Dylan Bradley

Th was off sides

John 102

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Mama Mia

I can't belive it.... EVEN TEACHESR ARE BULLIES AND LIARS!... HOW COULD THEY DO THAT????? They are sopouste to be fierd! And im very sorry for what happend to you 😕😔........ I wanna kick those bullies and teachers so hard!




6:12 paint me like one of your french girl

Lisa Nemec

I vote Cody’s items not cool repeated 1000000000000000000000000000000000000 times

poop poop

You don't deserve friends

please sub :( :-)


Before she passed out, I thought she was pregnant..

Gaurav Bhadoria

U did extremely right

Nf: Anything is possible

Vincenzo Racco

I’m always waiting for these overtime’s