Clean Bandit - Rather Be ft. Jess Glynne [Official Video] - YouTube

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Pranshu Aggarwal

film at jumpstreet

positive jae

this was a great story


Where did he go

criminalz jimmy

You should name your teams lukco

darkwolf149 WOOF WOOF WOOF WOOF!

I was born 2 months early is that bad........


Justin Bieber as Nathan Drake... Well, I guess an apocalypse is good for something.


Nice video guru, and are you going to post your q&a in september or maybe sooner?

Krystall Vinter

Elsa looks so happy, healthy and powerful, I just love how much she's grown and evolved as a character since the first movie. I'm so excited for Frozen 2!!!

Ninja Gamer

Lol not even your dad gave you that much attention

sheloves drew

smack cam

Yousif Alfatlawy

Ending was hilarious! Nice 👍


9:38 not scary

scraps 101

Oh my god!! ;-;

Arafine Amath

Ha ha ha

Lucas Birkby

Great vid, but you guys legit shot plastic bullets into the sea... Gonna clear that up?

Faridzi Febrian

My favorite stereotype series :D

Ala Salesa

the panda is the best

"Nacht Der Untoten" A call of Duty world at war easter egg

Naomeme _7

what the actual hell kind of homophobic crap is this? oh, i'm not MEAN to lgbt people, i just think they don't deserve human rights or should be allowed to love who they want! yeah no thanks hun

Kyle A

the extra wubs give heavy bass if you tv is new enough

Sac Kings

Youtube: hey guys see what it taste like

Ragasudha Praveen

Make a video with Usain Bolt


You should keep expanding your music playlist!!!

Drybler 12

Cotton brothers are great boat designers.