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Румен Асенов


Nathan Hinkley

Face reveal panda

Mood Games

0:12Cory or CobyWatching u doing 👀 lol

Ronnie Smithers

GFxyfcyfccyfcfycfyycftydxdtdtdt is the day I have a game day and day of my day and day I have a game day and rdftvfgvvbSorry


If they went into nba or something they'd fucking own.

Kalahein Meyerhoff

This is a question for Tyler. What do you call a celebrity fish A starfish


WWE dean Ambrose should be next

Daði Fannar Hlífarsson

2M likes waaaaaaaat

With the same rules or so that you Building the Rockets yourselves and not buy them!

Felix H

"My mom was 17 years old"

Mima Sis

Why? Am i crying? So dramatically?


6:05 watch out, it's coming at you!

Unos Estudio


Nobody likes stupid people

Now restart the video with captions

MadGirl BitchingBoutStuffs

At least she lerned from it. And money is a really huge deal for someone who grew up poor. That put together with a person who is naively loving, no wonder this happend. Still, she is not a victim alone. Jes, poverty and emotional abuse are definitely not the best conditions, but she still used people multiple times knowing fully well what she did. Gold digging is self-destructive and harmful to others.

5 Minute Apologetics

@PAULBABYD what?! get up off me! (I'm playin with you dude:)

Patrick Gaddis

billy all the way

Bella Simkins

Sub if you are wacthing it 2019 or 2018

They ataccccc

Sumatra Owl

your voice is so smoothing

sweety bell 2.0 {cat skeleton}

I have at least all of these and I haven’t bin to a doctor in 3 years bc are hospital is being a bitch

Luis Garcia

rage monster


1 like = 36264284835247483653745438353772537353527373537352384958336356 prayers for this fighting family


Nobl3 Assass1n

That's way too meta man XD

Boredom Busters

who is watching in 2019...


Robin Hood would be so cool on ERB, you gotta give him a battle. Possible thematic match-ups include Zorro, Scarlet Pimpernel, WIlliam Tell, Hawkeye and Green Arrow.

Cobs: What do you want ?????

sam stewart

cory is the best

hwalliciouz tbz

i feel sorry that she's missing out on twitter

Edgy shit

Next video titles “my sister is actually my mom’s child”


I thought is was NINJA

Aqua Rius

in battlefield hardline ep.8 in the mansion someone was playing dead space

The words didn't come out

I thought doctors were supposed to help and not really care about the money

Shouldn't life be Free? 8===D


Y’all need to make a school stereotypes