Competitive Relationships | Hannah Stocking, Marshmello, King Bach & Anwar Jibawi

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VAN gaming

is this a fetish clip?

Mitchell Wilson

Frozen 3 nukes frozen 4 apocalypse frozen 5 happiness



Annaliese Halgren

I don't understand #4 (the fastest man alive has its disadvantages)

The_ Lonely_club

Why did you sensor bullying?😅

kzthryn thangjam

This happens all the time to me.. i should have shared this too and gotten famous!!😪😂😂😂2

Stoopio's Productions

I fell in love when I was a fetus

Walker the redneck



With the sparks looking like they are coming from the big daddy, and the way the little sister is moving, I think the big daddy is dead...

MangoM3rc 2912

on the Easter egg where you pick up the alien gun in ghosts did anyone see the number plate that says 'ooh odor'?!?!?!?!


sexual harassment panda

GoingWithTheFlow TM

That last one got me fucked up

9 years old

Yeah we need Game of Thrones walls completely impenetrable ones


@muarkatznii it's not fake lol It's a charity group dumbass

Matheus Vinicius

Brasil é foda e o resto é moda

Faith Ojo

I have subscribed and I have your games


JAPANESE SOUND is best sound!!!

John Marant

If you look at the receipt, the wotherspoon’s were the exclusive 1/97 pairs that came out before the public release. That’s why they were priced so high. Kuzma didn’t know this, he thought he was getting the public pair 😂

Papa Smurf

angry noise

J Phinn

I’m just saying...have you ever seen me and Panda in the same room together...just saying...

Edward Boulan




Michael Roach

Oh wow, soccer! Wait? Baseball topic though....I thought FIFA was for soccer....the, hm....

FoxMximi’s Gaming and gacha

Nothing makes sense kid nothing dose because life is confusing and sad :( why is this so me!

Kɾαȥყ 8

Anal Destroyerz


Y’all asians r dirty like how u make that much noise while u eat🤢

Skitty Power

The hole in one of course! COOOOOOL

Zero Two

Hey guru kid, I found the Easter egg to the classic wolfenstien in wolfenstien the new order before I watched the vidio


The QnA will happen eventually. I'm just waiting for the best time.

Tyler Kunst

0:24 x2 playback speed XD

Arianna Felline

Guys I think it's a boy too love you❤️❤️

Livia Mortensen

I was born 3 months too early.

Laura Martinez

his good finding easter eggs like

snowmans home

This really made me understand about how other people have opinions and people aren't evil for not supporting the lbgtq+ community

Michelle Rose Pimentel

yOu HavE tO Be skInNY To bE BeaUtiFul... lol I'm skinny yet am ugly af 😂

Jose Barrera

Graphics look like paper...

Yhel Norada


EJ Upton

What’s the song name?

Solomon Lissauer

They should add getting stung by a bullet ant to the wheel