DaBaby | Before They Were Famous | WalMart Shooting

SUBSCRIBE: to our sponsors at KandyPens:KandyPens Here: 25% off your entire order using the code: BTWF25 at check out.Jonathan Kirk known professionally as DaBaby.Before Da Baby would make his mark on the hip-hop baby game, standing amongst the likes ofBirdman and Lil Baby and dropping his album Baby on Baby with songs like Goin Baby, which now has over 5 million views on YouTube, Suge which has 22 million views and Baby Sitter, which has close to 5 million as well.#dababy#suge#goinbaby=========================================If you liked this video, you might also like:NLE Choppa Before They Were FamousMosey UPDATED Before They Were Famous:They Were Famous: Rich Life: strive for accuracy and fairness. If you see something that doesn't look right, or you just want to check out my social media pages: Instagram:Tamara ComasEditor: Ryan Hookway/ Host: Jeremy HechtInstagram: can also show your love here: 2nd Channel: AS A MEMBER: Social Media LinksYouTube:

Sweet_ Business

Hey guru nice video you should do a face reveal and a Q & A

Tommas the Tank Engine

my favourite shot, was the water balloon jousting one, where the guy missed :3

Owen Charles

ok furry

Liam Adams

I tapped on this video because I thought this is what the song would be because A) It appeared in the recommendation and B) one of you commented on the video.

Elite Wafoo


Steve Serrano

I know for a fact that this is all for money !!!!

Neslihan Senocak

Were is cody


Ni*ga lookin like forest gunp


So this is just battle of z that's apparently an RPG...

also, is a so much fucking work to get nothing excepcional. I don't even know what i expected from so many things to do!

The Humble Hero

Main characters name is madeline but otherwise good job

Mordecai x3


I am not a special kid. I am just a dumb kid that can't do anything but but be lazy

avacado girl

I am confusion


If anyone plays cs:go , i think there is another easter egg in south park wich reffers to virtus pro team , look on the lamp , you can see their logo 1:46

asriel dreemurr

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SpT x NoVaZ

just went through some of your over videos and deserve way more subs man. keep up the good work 

AJ 363 Pervis 14

TF man TF!!!!!



Gabriel Lubrito

Vai ter ela beijando a Cinderela no castelo de areia ?

Daniel Wheeler


Dragon - NP

Very great




Police are idiots

Jose Crane

No offense, but the title ruins the punishment. Same with the tag on 8. Hopefully, they don't spoil in 9.

C. Rust

0:53 is it the screwdriver I hear from when Kapkan deploy his traps?

Jake Rempel

QUESTION OF THE DAYWho is your favorite DP member?