“DaBaby- Carpet Burn(Official Music Video)” DA CR3W REACTION

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(Read the credits and you’ll understand)

Beast Hyder

It should be the arrow and one

Beaulo no

2:13 What’s up with the sock on one foot, and no sock on the left??

As you mentioned happiness doesn't come easy so we need to try to gain happiness. Then you naturally go through unhappy times to gain try to gain happiness. So you can actually rephrase the 'unhappy work days' as the 'trying hard for happiness days'. Then is this time of life wasting time?

Charlie Bolland

Epic video Guru :D

By the end of grade 9 i was being bullied by half or more of the student body, some teachers either by not doing anything or directly, and in the end when graduation came because part of the bullying was hey we bullied him so much hes going to columbine us they had police search my room for a gun and i was patted down and metal scanned before being allowed in to graduation.

Lina Rabai

That’s better than the YouTube rewind

Beauty Remedy

25th of December 2016 I'm still watching this 😂

Anh Mai

Omg how did they not know 9x8 lol haha they dumb

Skye Cottle

2:07 😂😂😂 Grayson face ... he looks sooo happyy!

Gar:purple/💜(purple hoser)

Super Original Name

Dude perfect: * does something, screams *

Ibrahim Al-Amri

U had to reference 9-11 didn't you ^_^

Corny Flakes

This is how the mafia works

the girl was catfished.

You suck.

Bzw nice Video(like all of yours)


Dude, i seriously hope you make more videos like this, cause this one was so damn well edited