Dark Deception: CHAPTER 2

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I used to be running around playing with myself

Riris Putra

Can someone teach me on how to do the sound/music echo effect before the title of the video comes out? It's for my school project, thanks🙏

Andrew Boyce

Bryan needs to shut up about people moving when he was moving the entire first game and nobody listened to them

Edward Edward

Good god the reporters are sooo serious and the questions sooo boring, it’s a game of basketball it isn’t Iraq...

skeaky boi

Mami dolphins jarvis landry


The Discworld reference SUPER caught me off guard, but I really appreciate it, Division!

Lovely_Bella_Puffy Playz

Remember Ricardo Looks Cant Stop you for who you are because ur a person too noting can change that im happy for you You are handsome who the way you are Ok?

Mt vlogs

uploaded on my birthday


Who else noticed that the first one (number 20) the map is carrier from black ops 2!!

Jazmin Dragon trainer

Each reply (or like on the video)

hamza khan

Who is panda

Acs 1524


A Billy

Me and my sister always say, " Is this a joke?!" so she thought it was funny when Coby said it

And some random dudes just straight forward telling me "wow your boobs huge".."do you have a boyfriend?".."you're so cute can I have your nude pics?"

JKE Hijazi

Happy birthday

Nitrell Forest

Bucky Barnes

MariaaanieX X X

Garett - gunslinger

Ayman khalil

Quando sei incazzato quando ritorni a casa

Jasmine Lara

this shit slaps

Saleela Suwannarak

Badass and do a bro mo episode with gallons of milk

BestGamer InTheWorld


Nah man its perfectly fi-

5th Party

Anyone watching in 2022?

Lyndon Henry

2:22 subtitles :-)


michael anthony hilario

Oh my goodness on 0:45. This is a family movie not a drama

Roberts Mūrnieks

are you eating something

tom bambo

UPDATE: they didn’t confirm nor deny having sex with Keanu Reeves

(=  )\ `..' |       \:./ _   _  __ __ _    _ _ _ _ _  _ _\        | `._.' /(  =)

Brazen Brunette

Most of the time I want to commit suicide, because I don;t have much self esteem, I feel like I can;t do anything by myself, when I break something that i really liked and get upset over I get yelled at and it makes me feel bad, when I do art that I like she says "anyone can do that" then she just continues what she was doing. I have no friends, and my dreams always get crushed, I feel like there is no way to fulfill my dreams because how pushed I am. She won;t let me work or go on my own, I want a job but she says "you are not responsible enough and prove yourself" And in the beginning I just wanted to help her out with money and start going out on my own in the world. I'm 15, and I;m afraid I won;t be able to escape this till I'm 18. I don;t even know how to act like a real teenagers because years pass by with barley any contact outside, yes I may game and meet people online but you are most likely going to get criticize there as well... I can;t escape.