Daymond John | Drink Champs (Full Episode)

Daymond John joins the #DrinkChamps NORE and DJ EFN to talk some of the biggest boss moves of his career, from working with President Barack Obama to launching FUBU & more. Find REVOLT on TV here: connected with REVOLT.TV here: + Subscribe now: (Surf) Instagram: (Follow) Twitter: (Follow) Facebook: (Like) Snapchat: Revolt.TV (Add)About REVOLT.TV :Launched by Sean "Diddy" Combs, REVOLT.TV is #1 destination in hip hop. Focused on expertly curating the best of the best in music and engaging youth in social conversation, the multi-genre, multi-platform network offers breaking music news, videos, artist interviews, exclusive performances, and original programming. Artists REVOLT.TV covers include: Joe Budden, Drake, Chance the Rapper, Jay-Z, French Montana, Lil Wayne, Puff Daddy, Diddy, Future, Rick Ross, Remy Ma, Nicki Minaj, Beyonce, Rihanna, Lil Yachty, Kendrick Lamar, Kanye West, Solange, and many more.

Nicki Fraser

You are the best


I'm more excited for this than I am the 7 remake at this point honestly. While it is true I liked this one better, at this point I just believe they are screwing 7 up. The very idea of microtransactions in a single player RPG just completely ends my interest. Sorry SE, you screwed the pooch on it.

Cindy Rojas

Reach out to who. I have every single one of these symptoms.

Jana Bukhari

wait so if a mom is someone who cares for you and loves you does that mean that my friends are all my moms

Alejandro Perez

You guys should do glow in the dark hide and seek like if they see you turn off your light and they wont know where you are

Mr.Bacon Bit

Wow Cody roasted the heck outta tys sweat shirt

Matthew Kasowski

I believe you missed one. One of the soldiers that goes down to investigate the tunnels of the upside down says the famous phrase “Stay Frosty”. Now I’m not familiar with military sayings if this is common or not but the only other place I’ve heard this is from the British Captain with the moustache from Call of Duty 4. Idk otherwise great finds I love this channel

Vincent Calites

Episode 10 of model rocket is first to the moon wins hahahahah like if u agree

ylli Leku



U dun fucked it up when u put the l4d2 Easter egg at the end

VincentPlayz ROBLOX and More

If your boy doesent care that ur autistic THATS A TRUE BOI RIGHT THERE

Carinzia Camilleri

I have non alcoholic fatty disease like if u think I shouldn't kill myself today

Kermitdefrog 6000

What song is this


Well, these sure are elaborate and hard to find, but boring as hell :/


i just notice at 0:25 theres like chess things, ive realised this is the old man from

Simon Gooseman

le tower du Eiffel 

Zak Read

I bet you 1k that can beat you in a nerf war

King Keeper


Ayaan 1710

Where's Cody??

Neal McGonigle

Pause at 4:36 you can see pandas face

Crazy Raccoon

Welcome back


Sexist sexist

Aiman Aqil

Pls Bully 2

Su uchi


Grant Massingham

It's crazy to think that this is the most recent DP video with less than 11M views, that's 3 and a half years straight of videos over 11M views

Not Prx

he needs to be drafted to the eagles

Jaiden Lopez

Some cards were yellow

Caros Fred Da Mata

My cousin was one of you students


Me : oo a video about bipolar disorder . There must be so many positive comments of people going through the same thing

Master Domi


Parker Briggs

Anyone else tired of Tyler winning

VAC no name


Chance Marsh

This is a good bed

OddPavlos 007

What about your mother

Captain Mike

Is this based on a true story?

I saw yeties