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Lukas 97

Even if you win Ty its ok

Kamilla Gutierrez

Honestly can’t stand torrid anymore. It’s like their style is disney or old lady ugh. I go to ASOS for plus size. Torrid does have my fave jeans tho

rossana quidaciolu



2:16 it says guru on the map WTF!!

Mia Stamp

That rat gave me major ASMR

Jacob McCracken

11 bounces


That would scare the crap out of me

Minh Linh Trịnh

có ai VN vào đây xem k cho 1 like khỏi lẻ loi nào

i never cared

this is actually lit

Aesthetic Rose

Seeing that big guy happy made me happy 😊


when losers have money that’s what they do lol

Caddy 0ce


I am so sorry


Sadly, my dad smokes and refuses to stop smoking,

Ivan Medina

it takes the, 400 trust to get it right because someti,especially theydon't record it

Coconut Juice

How many attempts did it take to do drop it and lock it?

Dat Le

u snitch

Michelle Leeper

Any other senior citizens enjoy the Boy Meets World reference?

Nibbachu The Pokémon

open relationship has entered the chat

sonia mehra

Bros I like you are superb I am Happy Singh from India Delhi (male)

Blah Blah

The tall guy that only shoots 3s:AKA: Brook Lopez

Joe mct

Do more bloops

scope retard

How ru still alive if u we're in ww1 and that was over a 100 years ago

Jeff the third

They should do summer stereotypes and Halloween stereotypes


I miss Yoteslaya

“Let’s see what you got G”




how are you?

Ethan Liang