Mother and Son danced to the top songs of the decades

Myers Park High School counselor and her son killed it at the Myers park Talent show!!! Dancing to the songs to the decades taking the house down. AMAZING (better quality than the 13million video on facebook)

theotokis tokis

You are the best! Plz continue doing what u do

Breanna Bourque

short video but epic good one

big six

23:20 jesus christ im literally crying no cap

Elizabeth Roberts

Matt looks best

Not boring, not fake, not annoying, the best asmr video I’ve ever seen


Marbles is such a precious king. We all support him with our whole hearts and he doesn’t even know !

Edit: Now I remember, also Beyond Two Souls is a PS3 title. Gears Of War is a Xbox title. Nosense xD

Cienna Robinson

This is what happened my mom and it hurt my heart and she died and i did not meet my sister if this is happening to you and that you lost a baby that baby is still in your heart i know that baby loves you he or she is in your heart that is what i learned love u don't be someone you want to be love yourself.


Danny Woods

She didn't drink any water damn

Devina Moua

So that means your friend got raped in 2:16 in the right corner?!

nobody at all:


funathony gurutanda here

3. la noire ^^

Glen Siniawski

Please do giant hockey trick shots

Ep legend Fam

i could’ve bought a ticket for the charity event but it was $280 for 2 tickets 😞 i have 6 family members

Lexx Yuhasz

One like=one punch from me and one punch man😈👿

Gamer9 Smith

Team Ty for the win

Liam Cruz

Bad bunny me gusta tu cabello

Break break breakthrough

Adam Harding

Jeff is a con artist always will be, sneaky bastard.