MCs Thassinho e Jotapê - Quando ela ouve o Tum (TOM PRODUÇÕES)

Inscreva-se morena ela é boaExibe a marquinha no hit verãoEssa loirinha ela zoaNo pique se envolve ao som do batidão2xEssa daquiVai pra todas as danadasQue gostam de dançarRebolam e se acabam Elas já estão ousadasBebem e descem até o chãoE as cremosas tudo loucas Curtindo no paredãoQuando ela ouve o tumEla joga o bumbum no chãoQuando ela ouve o tum tumSe descontrola com o seu popozão.3xBaixe Agora : do Curso, Lojas Pico, XT Modas, Academia Sportlife, Sapequara Modas, Gelo Real,Grupo D'France,Pró Adesivos,Sonhos Tour, MegaCell,Link Cell,Mundo do Celular, LoboCell, GiganteCell, GrandeCell, PlanetaCell ,Miranda Colchões, Supermercado Real, SF Produtora,The Preto Produções,Mega Show,Jackie Chan , JR Salles, Ricardo Bati ,Erickson Andrade, Radical modas, Lava Jato 3Palmeiras, DNA Verde, Pastel do Belinho, Lin Modas, Eliseu Matos, Astro de Ogum,Edson Gaguinho,Herson (arena show), Fox Furioso, Niltinho Ostentação, Vádios Tatoo,Dulcy Lanches,TH Cortes,Poeta Pisos, GG Centro de Beleza,Galeto 2 irmãos, Natural Vida e Farmácia 3 Palmeiras,Agradecimentos :A DEUS em 1° Lugar ea todos os Familiares , Amigos , Toda Galera deSão Luís -MA Que Nos Deram Total Apoio.Produtora: SL explosão--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Instagram: @mcthassinhoejotapeSHOWS:SL Explosão(98) 98452-6025 / (98) 98519-0763 / (98) 99201-9162Adquira já seu Cap Tom ProduçõesCURTIProduções® - ©2016 Filmes Ltda. Todos os direitos reservados.Instagram: @TomProducoesSIGA-ME NO TWITTERos melhores MP3 de FUNK aqui!!!

Priyanshu Singh

I am better Coz I scored 293

Адыгэ Енес

I Like this

Kailyn The Unicorn Lover

This video wants me to find everyone’s baby pictures now.

Cameron Bass

"You play to win the game."

Veronique Dufour

Je ne comprends pas tu peux répéter

Trisa Garcia


2 search for the eastereggs in the game or get clips of it

Otaku BOY




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antonio brown

Elsa Donaldson

Virginia won 2019 🧡💙🧡💙🧡

Abbs Winston


Oh he hit the teddy bear.


adi dassler 😎

Let’s play gaming 123

Oct 2018 anyone


this is technically dieting.


will you ever show your face

Gaelen the awesome adventurer 17

10 out of 10


Raymond Johashh

just re-skin bf4 without authenticity to WW1, trailer was amazing, but gamplay was fucking trash, this game is going to be


What about the word "RAWR" on Paracel? What about the book that reads "Megalodon", what about the t rex roaring in the distance on Rogue Transmission? I also noticed that the 3 sets of random soldiers are the voices of the guys that do Battlefield Friends. And also on Paracel what about the Vicerol logo on the crate by Alpha in conquest (I think vicerol was the name of the group who did Dead Space?)

Denyse Diane Niwencuti

If u think any desise is gone take y down My God are u rong (hahahah)


Ubisoft is a pathetic company

Nearly every box is checked, so either I have this or just have a shopping list of other minor problems with the same symptoms.

Aitor Cutillas Sánchez

Aim Spanish soy español





There is this thing called cps. Have you ever heard about it?

Mark Adams

Actually dare I say it.... fire

Ledya Tadros


Andrew Murphy


Odor ad comes on

Because I can

Mhm I have had all those symptoms before for like 6 months...

Rafi Saraj

September 2018 now compare to 2012

8. Go to prison


did anyone see the 666 on the splatoon part lol

Orianne Moody

My story is: My mum and dad got a divorce and I was force to see my dad I hated it,but finally another court case came and we won it! My dad was a abusive man,my mum got a new boy friend,my 4 brothers and sisters didn’t like that so they stopped seeing me and my mum and stopped letting us see their children,it’s was horrible,but now we are all very slowly coming back together (this story is way too long to put in a comment so I tried to sum it up

Erlend Solem

Take 2051: "Action!"

Alex Donze

You truly deserve so many more subscribers of how fantastic your videos are

Koen Koppe

Ze zijn super goed

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Oh this is amazon

Chow Man Tak

ya unbreakable , except the part where rose was a selfish bitch floating on a piece of wood big enough for 2


then put it in HD dumbass.

Preetpal Bhangoo

Hey do skateboard tricks