Dj Khaled Feat. Cardi B & 21 Savage - "Wish Wish" | Phil Wright Choreography | Ig; @phil_wright_

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Michael Castro

The tomb raider one was the best!

Nevaeh Whelan


This video is pretty good. Although wonder is the better one, I highly recommend this video. Don't judge other people by their looks. If different people have different looks, that doesn't mean you can judge them for who they are. They are special in many ways and one day, you will realize that this video can help you in life about to not bully people. For those of you who watched wonder, you can tell that Julian was bullying Auggie because of facial difference. He then got sent to the office in which he then got suspended by his actions. Jack Will was also doing that as well. Auggie got very frustrated with his friend and he told his sister Via that Jack said that if he was Auggie, he would kill himself. This movie is wonderful and also this video.

Silent Slender


3 subs with no video challenge PLZ?

No country is greatest in the world. You will always think that YOUR country is the best, because...well DUH it’s ur country!

I can hear your screaming

global warming is quaking in its boots at the sight of Elsa's Monstrous abilities, World powers found its alternative to our global problem


Also in NUK3TOWN if you shoot off all the arms of the guys the zombies do something like slender try it everyone



the cats in the end song !!!!

Casper Frederiksen

Okay, all these references to Jak & Daxter and Uncharted got a little to repetitive in that game. But the twitter accounts were awesome though.

2038 ping pong trick shot 73

Rai Vlogs/Gaming


Joonas kalliokoski

ponyo is my favorite film

Vaughn Dunham

Start a walkthrough of GTAV

Luke Villasenor

in world of tanks there is an easter egg and when u win u can here the quotes from fury saying best job I ever had


It's not your fault hun



Brady Blackburn

the cringe omfg

Mace 2.0

The first easter egg...


I thought that said "commander keem" and there would be a garden knome or something😂😂

Fionn Killin

how do you play on the limited edition maps after downloading them??

Ak 47

i got 81 HAHA

RobloxMiester Gaming is that giraffe neck?

The Legendary Beast

I think Mexico is gonna beat Germany in 2018, oh wait


I'm more scared of how I'll be remembered than death

olle euren

That panda is so awesome

kayla martinez

I hope this movie is about climate change



Jessie Chen

The main reason why people have cramps while on there period is because they eat or drink cold food in there first week on period.

Prabakaran SசுகிவியஹுTயூஹஹஃப்யஹஹ்

Dude perfect can I get your address


ASMR??? but your right @Kid Guru I find it relaxing when its only text and don't stop posting EASTER EGGS your videos of EASTER EGGS is the most fun I have been watching than other EASTER EGGS videos ...........and what is ASMR??? .....but still post some EASTER EGGS videos don't stop until there is no EASTER EGGS in all of the games in the world OK??? Just be your self do what you want to do OK....... Oh BTW I like your vice it reminds me of BATMAN a little bit hehe JDMCPRO (male not girl I just told you about my feelings to your videos)


I would escape if someone broke my phone

SuperSansCraft Comment Edition

Dude Imperfect:A Dude Perfect Blooper Reel


6:19 Still a better lovestory than Twilot


Maybe if you had thrown it over the plane instead so you couldn't see...

Laura pintos

I really wanna see Elsa fight that giant thing or the new Disney villain

Karna Nilsson



I am legitimately crying while watching this.

Baby Buzz

Soph Perez

You guys should do soccer stereotypes!

Vincent Poel

give me a YouTube link to prove it and I'll believe you

5. All Adult Jokes of Spongebob Squarepants

Jodi Ho

👋 did you know I used emojis

Ozzy Ruiz

Love it


This game messed me up, I played it at first thinking it was a horror game and then it ended up being a dramatic love story involving two teenage lesbians

Wistian K

Trial and error.

alice Fuller

I AM BRITISH BUT GO USA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!AND BRITAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Adrian Perez 2009

0:09 you’ve been hit by you’ve been struck by a smooth criminal

Mr Wood 0234

Aliens colonial marines had time to put a giant donut in their game

Kencho Bencho

Ouuu, that last strafe EE was fucking smooth, both smart and funny! Awesome!