Dj Shiti, Tracy and Smart Joker on the 'cure' for ugliness - The Wicked Edition 108 - YouTube

Woman rejects president Uhuru's'substandard' gift, Nigeria postpones elections on the morning of elections, a GSU officerwas fired for taking law classes without permission among other stories. Dj Shiti, Smart Joker and Tracy Wanjiru join Dr. King'ori on the second part of the show for a hilarious interview on the concept of beauty.


ever since i was little if there were kids at a park i would just be like nope. im still like that! i have a kickboxing class tommorow to see if im good enough to be in that class. it's kids about 2 years older than me which is awkward for me. all these kids r gonna be watching me and if i dont make it it would be embarrassing. FMLLLL

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This is the best show....


EpicLlyod did the absolute best voice possible for the Burger King

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Spending as long as you can in pitch black

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Lowkey feel like this might have been staged but idc

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smosh is kind of getting lazy like these videos are getting very short.

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