DJ Snake vídeo Taki Taki: Mensajes Revelados!!!

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Piedad, que mi amor por ti nunca se me va (se me va)

jonathan stromberg

@Murphy4709 many of the best sportsman in the world are white. Im tired of people in the US knocking whites - just because the country produces so few white sportsmen doesnt mean white people deserve to be constantly knocked down.You might say im taking this too seriously, but im sure a someone of another race would take offence if a degrading comment was made about their 'collective' skillscheers


Looks like force unleashed... Just bad. Cant cut enemies in parts, many special units can be hit by lightsaber 5 times and still walk around or withstand force usage for unknown reason, the lightsaber doesnt interact with the environment at all, quick time events, boy the list goes on and on. But i knew that when it was announced. Good Star Wars games are forbidden. And what the fuck is wrong with the soundtrack? Not a single music that i recognize, they really messed this game up.


This is my favourite Dude Perfect video.

Kyla Galaxygurl gaming


shawanda Desdunes

How they do it


Do Miami Dolphins edition!

things help in world taha soomro

we want to see the second part of this video


Thanks for keeping it civil

Maria Cosio

That's why cody is a $%**#@

Braxton Britt

I'm the rage monster. Its so funny (its Ty).

Mariam is my name

Can someone feed this girl some fornite?


Tim are you from sweden you sayJaaaaaaaaaa!


Hola ozuna Yo la estoy escuchando :D

Boccuzzi Family

Collaborate with Tony hawk

hans blixxx

Democracy has its dangers. 2 wolves and a sheep deciding what's for dinner....which this addressed but can't be overstated

Melvin Brennan III

Sandwich breath...fight fight fight

david gacha :3

34 trending in spain

Jdubz Nation

no limits, no limitsOFFFFFFFFFFF

Han Solo

Idk I feel like he shouldnt be punished that harshly. Maybe cant watch the rest of the playoff games.

Cold Sosig

My brother was born 2 mouth early and my other brother sadly died :(

Guerrero Family

anyone 2018

Little body Big heart


Philip Freeman

dude perfect a wrestler


Руслан Гасанов

Я один руско говорящий подписчик?

I blow air into your ear and you sneeeeze >:) 1:24

bad muchacho b



It doesnt work anymore.


lele you nailed it. Its difficult for a person to understand. but its next level of get cheated.

Bloody Sugar Cube

Now that I think about it...the twins looks like Josh Dun from TØP

yoloswaggins swagalicious

EvAAA ^_^!!

Niyahs Life

Woahhh this is fire ✍🏾

jonny bear

Hey man talk to Donald trump

Nathan Dimant


Fake Name

Burns at 3000 Celcius and ignites at 800 Fahrenheit. Maybe you should try to be a little more consistent with your units

Cori Gallardo

you almost got stung by the bumblebee!!!!


Let me live and die FOR THIS


Why didnt it free fall and how come the chirps of the flame didnt blow up nearby buildings 🤔

Account Name

Been almost 5 years 😳

Lorenzo Diaz

Furries have been summoned


The moment i saw that fat ass i knew who it was

Diego Nguyen


SkiDoo 900

He looks momo

Pooter Seymour

It's better if your name Tijuana Iguana!😎

Santy Gaming

Before 185k

My foot is dead

It's always the pe teacher😂