Do Teens Know Their Parent's Favorite 2000s Songs? | React: Do They Know it?

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anthony popa jr

Fail fail fail win win

Johanne Lundborg

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ChynaLikes Cheese

So like why is his hand black? I’m concerned 1:30


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Bici Animations

why do you sensor the word bully?

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I actually can’t concentrate with the traffic racer music in the background


The last one would get it yessiiiirrrr

love yourself

He's awesome


Teddy Conway

It was nice to see Brody

Applemick appleton

I was really close to my grandparents and they passed and yeah now I'm severely depressed, I have anxiety and ptsd and ofther stuff so idk

Mr. Pillz

Holy shit Guru, that end editing made me laugh so hard that I don't feel so good.

kaleb vancoillie

you guys are the best you tubers


And I like jetski

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Jan-Mattias Sibul

jo soi fiesta

A direct democracy of SEPARATE NATIONS.


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Mavr1ck K1ng

JoHnnY TwO ShOes

ME !

The music in the background gave me chills.....

mikayla kihara

team coby !

Andrea x

oh my god. i just can’t 😥 this made me so happy.

Mark Hudak

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